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The Rebel Squadrons Planet Database is an information center on every planet and every system under Rebel Squadrons control. You will find each system has an extensive description of information at your disposal, as well as information for each significant planetary body within that system.

The creation of this database was a combined effort of many members of the Rebel Squadrons. The project originally started in March of 2001 when Rahj Tharen began compiling as much information on Rebel Squadrons planets as he could into Word documents. It later evolved into the database you see today in October 2001. Special thanks to the following people for contributing to the project:

  • Rahj Tharen, Creation and Writing
  • Dave Trebonious-Astoris, Creation and Writing
  • Kyle Tobarn, Creation and Writing
  • Deltan Saviri, Web Design
  • Adam "Vender" Fene, Graphics
  • Mike Bullian, Graphics
  • Phoen|x Berkana (Star Vipers), Graphics