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Welcome to the Rebel Squadrons Planet Database! A listing of every system that the Rebel Squadrons controls can be found here. Currently, the Rebel Squadrons has complete control over ten systems, spanning over two sectors of the Outer Rim. Our main prescence can be found in the Greeop Sector, where our headquarters and other major bases of operations are located. With the arrival of the Cadrel Expanse Conflict and numerous Imperial threats, the Rebel Squadrons liberated and now protects a number of these systems. Victorious, the fleets of the Rebel Squadrons added eight new systems and many more planets to an already growing sphere of influence. Currently, the newly aquired systems of the Cadrel Expanse are in the process of becoming colonized. By occupying all of these systems and their respective planets, the RS has gained a valuable source of resources for its operations in order to further the cause of the New Republic and hold a vigilant watch over its domain.