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Objective Due Date Reports
The First Step (Historic Campaign) - On Wobbly Legs May 24, 2021 0


Task Force Leader: FA Cyrel Vandroth

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Member Squadron
FA Cyrel Vandroth Wildcard Squadron
FA Joshua Hawkins Renegade Squadron
FA Lucas Benoit-Stark Resurrection Squadron
FA Michael Raven Wildcard Squadron
GEN Anton "Ups" Nels Red Dagger Squadron
GEN Koah Wildcard Squadron
GEN Markus Jarnhann Renegade Squadron
MGN jcmcgoo Red Dagger Squadron
MGN Nicolai Ginofev Red Dagger Squadron
COL Dismal Dupar Wildcard Squadron
COL Galen McGrath Renegade Squadron
COL Teu Veld Wildcard Squadron
LCL Anubis Renegade Squadron
CMDR Jaran "Gunsmoke" Farlance Renegade Squadron
CMDR Yaihi'l Beskar Wildcard Squadron
LCM Gavin Devearoux
CPT Ceradan Jade Diamond Squadron
CPT YlvaUlfgangur Diamond Squadron
2LT Gar Chenu Renegade Squadron
CDT RohtFarengrier Diamond Squadron