Rebel Squadrons


Star Wars Flight Simulators

In every game, we participate in a series of single-player missions with a storyline (an Interactive Tour of Duty) created from scratch by our mission builders. A new mission is released every session, and the pilots compete for top score.

X-Wing: We are the most active and largest existing group on the Internet for the classic LucasArts game X-Wing - possibly the only group nowadays. We accept all versions of the game: XW95, DOS CD, DOS floppy, and Macintosh.

TIE Fighter: We have an active group of TIE pilots striking back against the Empire using their own ships. We accept all versions of the game: TIE95, DOS CD, DOS floppy, and Macintosh.

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: We participate in multiplayer competitions, such as Week of War and others; we also fly co-op missions against the computer and each other. We fly the original X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Balance of Power, and some mods that have been released for the game.

X-Wing Alliance: We participate in multiplayer competitions, most notably Week of War. We also fly melees with each other on a fairly regular basis.

Star Wars Writing & Roleplaying

Fiction Writing: We recreate the Star Wars universe and add new and exciting developments by writing run-on fiction - building stories with other people one piece at a time - in the Zealot Special Operations Unit.

Roleplaying: One of our most active and vibrant units is the Allegiance Battle Group, a group of people who enjoy roleplaying Star Wars characters. We use a modified D6 system of roleplaying. If you've never tried it before, you may find that you enjoy it very much.