Rebel Squadrons

Objective: Historic Campaign - The First Step

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Overseeing Officer: FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar

Maximum Possible Points: 10

Objective Instructions

Gemstone IV

The campaign against Titan sapped our resources and demobilization is not helping our efforts. While one team brokers a deal on the casino ship, we need other teams to get out there and find a ways and means of keeping the Republic Shield operational

Participant Overall Objective: We need new leads or contacts to help keep the RS supplied in the face of dwindling Republic Shield and New Republic reinforcements. Make contact with possible connections that could be of use to us.

Multiplayer Scoring: When playing with another RS member, the general equations will be: (# of People) x (# of Hours) x (8 Weeks in Session) x (4 points per hour)

RS Defeat: The Team fails to turn up any further contacts
Objective: Less than 1500 points (roughly less 3 people x 2 hours per week).

Stalemate: Your leads have brokers subpar munitions and wares. They MAY work, but they also may NOT work.
Objective: More than 1700 points

Victory: Your leads have turned up some possible supply routes, and though functional are often not military-grade. It will take time to convert some things, but we’ll be able to make due in time.
Objective: More than 1900 points (roughly more than 3 people x 2.5 hours per week).


Report on this objective

Officer Details Score
FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar Details 0