Rebel Squadrons

Objective: Historic Campaign - The First Step

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Overseeing Officer: GEN Markus Jarnhann

Maximum Possible Points: 10

Objective Instructions

RS Pilots conduct training operations as a group, working together to train up replacement pilots to make up for the substantial losses sustained over Tarsonis. We all must pull together to try and get everyone ready for anything, even in the wake of the Military Disarmament Act.

Scoring: Report your sessions with other RS pilots! Be sure to screenshot any matches you fly with at least one other RS pilot, and submit it through the RS Match reporting system. In the narrative, make sure you note which nickname belongs to which pilot if their in-game names do not match their RS names.

Individual scoring will be determined by the number of reports filed. The pilot with the most reports filed will receive the most points, with tiebreakers determined by the pilot with the highest scoring game receiving the top honors.

Defeat: Coordination and morale is still low across the fleet due to the losses suffered in the Titan invasion. Next session pilots in Squadrons will have their flight choices restricted for ITOD matches.

Objective: Less than three pilots report flying with other RS pilots in Squadrons.

Stalemate: Things are slowly being put back together after the invasion, with pilots getting used to their smaller squadrons and the military disarmament act. This has no effect on the next session.

Objective: Three pilots report flying with other RS pilots in Squadrons.

Victory: Bolstered by their reassignments, pilots across the RS are taking to their new squadrons and morale across the fleet seems to be improving steadily. For the next stage of the ITOD pilots will have their choice of missions to accomplish.

Objective: Five or more pilots report flying with other RS pilots in Squadrons.


Report on this objective

Officer Details Score
MAJ Asen Details 10
GEN Corran Horn Jr. Details 9