Rebel Squadrons

Objective: A Welcome Respite

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Overseeing Officer: FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar

Maximum Possible Points: 10

Objective Instructions

The campaign against Titan was a painful victory. Titan decimated our forces, and with the Military Disarmament Act looming, red tape and bureaucracy stifle attempts to remain combat-ready.

Participant Overall Objective: Congratulations, the good news is that we’re sending you on some much needed leave to the famed casino and resort ship, the Mistress of Coins. The bad news is that we need you to make contact with an underworld broker named Kar Fithi who might have a means of connecting us with what we need to remain military ready.

Individual Scoring: IronMan/Codyman will GM the story. Scoring will take place based on the number of posts per each session. There will be 2 major phases, one for each month. If that requirement is met, then the total words from posts will be tallied. Extra points will be given for joint posts or creative/witty actions, and whether or not objectives have been met. (Joint posts will share the number of words in the posts). Bonus points will be factored in for creativity, humor, and joint posts among peers.

RS Defeat: The Team fails to meet their contact.
Objective: Less than or equal to seven posts of any length.

Stalemate: You spend a wonderful time on the resort planet, but fail to make much headway on finding the underworld broker.
Objective: More than seven posts of any length.

Minor Victory: You connect with the underworld broker with mixed results.
Objective: At least seven posts of any length, two of more than 1,000 words, and one joint post.

Major Victory: You connect with the underworld broker and come through (one way or another) with successful results to help resupply Republic Shield’s dwindling hardware.
Objective: At least 10 posts of any length, 4 of more than 1,000 words, and two joint post.


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