Rebel Squadrons

Objective: When the Deal Goes South, Blow Stuff Up

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Overseeing Officer: FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar

Maximum Possible Points: 10

Objective Instructions

The previous attempts at brokering supplies through illicit means failed. Our ships are running on shoddy overhauled parts, our weapons are malfunctioning, and our soldiers are repurposing whatever they can to keep combat ready. When we can’t broker a good deal, we do the next best thing: steal supplies from the bad guys!

Participant Overall Objective: We need to keep combat operational, and if that means we need to conduct some raids on Imperial elements or a rogue pirate band to resupply, then piracy it is then. We need to attack a supply depot and raid what we can.

Multiplayer Scoring: When playing with another RS member, the general equation will be: (# of People) x (# of Hours) x (4 points per hour)

RS Defeat: The team fails to turn procure supplies and takes heavy losses.
Objective: Less than 1500 points (roughly less than 3 people x 2 hours per week).

Stalemate: The team has raided subpar munitions and wares, many of which don’t function with our systems but MAY work with some repurposing. This will take a moderate amount of time. The team took moderate losses in securing these things.
Objective: More than 1700 points

Victory: The team stole away a fairly significant supply cache and sustained minimal losses in doing so. It will take far less time to convert some of these things over to our systems.
Objective: More than 1900 points (roughly more than 3 people x 2.5 hours per week).


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