Rebel Squadrons


The following groups or organizations are current official Allies of the Rebel Squadrons. They have agreed to the terms listed in the Rebel Squadrons Alliance Policy. As such, they enjoy the support and assistance of our membership and their talents, banner exchanges and appropriate linking on Rebel Squadrons web mediums, and a fictional opponent in external competitions.


Club Name: Dark Jedi Brotherhood
Abbreviation: DJB
Ambassador: TBD
Membership: 500+
Description: The Dark Brotherhood is an organization of Dark Jedi that concentrate on the mystical ways of the Dark Side of the Force.


Club Name: Vast Empire
Abbreviation: VE
Ambassador: TBD
Membership: 50
Description: The Vast Empire is an unofficial online gaming organization based on the Imperial side of the Star Wars Universe®, created by George Lucas, that has been around since 1998. We are a collection of individuals who play all of the Star Wars computer games made by the LucasArts Entertainment Company as well as a select few that make the cut. We do a large amount of online role playing simulations, multiplayer gaming, webpage creation, ICQ/IRC chatting, and Star Wars fiction writing.