Rebel Squadrons

Rebel Squadrons Command Staff

The Rebel Squadrons Command Staff (RS CS) are the leaders of the RS. The Fleet Commander (FC) directs day-to-day operations and holds the highest authority in the RS of any single person. The members of High Command (HC) set the general direction of the club, and collectively may make any decision for the RS.

Command Staff

  • Fleet Commander: Fleet Admiral Lucas Benoit-Stark (profile)
  • Executive Officer: Fleet Admiral Lucas Benoit-Stark (profile)

High Command

Platform Coordinators

High Command Aldermen

  • Alderman: Fleet Admiral Cyrel Vandroth (profile)
  • Alderman: Fleet Admiral Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar (profile)
  • Alderman: Fleet Admiral Lucas Benoit-Stark (profile)

Special Advisors

  • Internet Officer: Fleet Admiral Joshua Hawkins (profile)
  • Internet Office Staff: Vice Admiral Patrick Blastfire (profile)