Rebel Squadrons


Fleet Commander Directive 2014-01
Basic Cadet Training

This document describes how new members join the Rebel Squadrons and are oriented to the club.


1. Goal. The goal of Basic Cadet Training is to integrate a new member into the Rebel Squadrons (RS) community and to provide them with the basic knowledge they need to be active members of the club.

2. Responsibility.

  • The RS Fleet Commander (RSFC) is the overall officer responsible for establishing the Basic Cadet Training program and all training requirements.
  • Squadron Commanding Officers (COs) are responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Basic Cadet Training program within their squadron.
  • Squadron Training Officers (TOs) are responsible for implementing the Basic Cadet Training program for all cadets assigned to their squadron.

3. Membership Standards and Criteria. The Rebel Squadrons welcomes all individuals as members. However, Rebel Squadrons membership is a privilege, not a right, and can be denied or revoked in cases where individuals choose to violate established RS rules or community standards.

4. Non-Discrimination. The RS does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status, or socioeconomic status.


5. Steps to Join. Prospective members apply for RS membership by submitting the join form found on the RS website. Once this form is submitted, the prospective member is now a Recruit (RCT). Recruits are appointed as Cadets (CDT) once they verify that their email address is valid via the email link provided by the join form.

6. Squadron Training Structure. Each Squadron CO will appoint a Squadron TO to oversee training within their unit. The Squadron CO may choose to appoint themselves as TO. The Squadron TO will lead the squadron's Training Flight, which is where new cadets will be placed for training. Cadets in the Training Flight will be assigned callsigns ranging from 13 to 18 (e.g. Red 13, Gold 15, and so on).

7. Processing and Placement of Cadets. Once a Recruit is appointed as a Cadet, he or she is assigned to a squadron by the RSFC (or his or her designated appointee). Cadets will only be assigned to units that have open positions; a fully-filled unit of 12 members will not be open to new cadets.

8. Cadet Preference and Placement Priorities. If a cadet expresses a preference for a specific squadron, every effort will be made to place the cadet in that squadron. In cases where the cadet has not expressed a preference, or where the cadet's preference cannot be met, assignment will be made based on total membership in each squadron, with a goal of keeping each squadron roughly the same size.

9. Training and Documentation. The Squadron TO oversees each cadet's progress through the training requirements and tracks completion of each item. While the Roster Database may support tracking of these accomplishments, it is ultimately the Squadron TO's responsibility to keep track of each cadet's accomplishments.

10. Graduation. Once a cadet has met all the training requirements, the Squadron CO should award them the Basic Training Award, promote them to LJG, and assign them a permanent callsign in the unit. Squadron COs are encouraged to celebrate every time a cadet completes their basic training requirements.

11. Disenrollment and Activity Status. Cadets are members of the Rebel Squadrons, and like all members, they may be marked as being on Leave of Absence (LOA) or Away Without Leave (AWOL) based on their activity levels. Cadets who are AWOL for long amounts of time may be dropped from their unit, like any other member.


12. Training Requirements. Cadets must fulfill all of the following requirements to complete Basic Cadet Training. The Squadron TO is responsible for verifying all of the activities below.

  • Respond to Welcome Email: Cadets will receive a welcoming email from the Squadron TO, and need to respond to the message indicating their receipt.
  • Complete Roster Profile: Each cadet should update their roster profile to have current information about them, including contact information.
  • Write Short Biography: Each cadet will write a short biography (at least 250 words) about their character and backstory.
  • Participate In An Activity: This can be any activity that the club is currently participating in, including (but not limited to) ITODs, multiplayer matches, simming and roleplaying, and writing. The activity should be logged on the RS website before it's considered complete, however, TOs should use their judgement for activities that aren't yet supported by the website.
  • Post in the Welcome Thread: A new thread will be established on the RS message boards. New cadets should make a post there to complete this requirement.
  • Join the RS Mailing List: New cadets should email our Mailing List Manager to get added to the RS Mailing List, with a copy to their Squadron TO.
  • Join the RS Bar and Grill on IRC and Talk with your Squadron TO: Since IRC is still a core way that members talk to each other, the new cadet needs to join the Bar and Grill and talk with their Squadron TO.

This directive is effective 25 June 2014.

Lamin Zykara
Fleet Commander