Rebel Squadrons


Fleet Commander Directive 2015-01
Personnel Transfers

This document describes the policies and procedures regarding the movement of Rebel Squadrons members into, between, and out of squadrons.

  1. Definitions
    • Transfer Period - the span of time between the release of an end-of-operation State of the Rebel Squadrons and the release of the following operation briefing (typically one to two weeks). All transfers into or out of an active squadron must occur during this period.
    • RS Command - the executive body of the Rebel Squadrons including, but not limited to: The Fleet Commander and the RS Executive Officer.
  2. Initial Assignment
    • Following submission of their application and confirmation of their e-mail address, new members of the Rebel Squadrons are awarded the rank of Cadet and placed into the Academy squadron.
    • In order to be moved from the Academy and into an active squadron, players must complete their basic training requirements as outlined in Fleet Commander Directive 2014-01: Basic Training.
    • Upon completion of their training requirements, Cadets earn their first promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and may request placement into a squadron if a preference exists.
    • When possible, RS Command will make every attempt to accommodate the preference, but reserves the right to place the graduate into squadrons that have a greater need of new members.
    • Assignment to an active squadron may only occur during the Transfer Period.
  3. Squadron Transfers
    • At any time or for any reason a member may request a transfer from their current squadron to a new squadron.
    • The member must receive authorization from both their current squadron CO and the CO of their desired squadron.
    • Should the member fail to receive authorization from their current squadron CO, they may appeal to the RSXO if there is a demonstrated need for a transfer to occur.
    • Transfers between squadrons in which both Squadron COs approve may commence without prior authorization from RS Command. However, it is the new Squadron CO’s responsibility to inform RS Command of the transfer after it has occurred.
    • Transfers may only occur during the transfer period.
  4. Inactivity
    • Members who fail to participate in any RS activity over the course of an operation will be marked AWOL during the Transfer Period. Their AWOL status can be lifted at any point by their Squadron CO.
    • Members that are AWOL for the entirety of an operation are removed from their active squadron and returned to the Academy by RS Command.
    • Members that are AWOL in the Academy for the entirety of an operation are removed from the roster.
    • Squadron COs may request members of their unit who are on a LOA or RESERVE for the entirety of an operation be moved to the Academy.
    • Members who return from a LOA, RESERVE status, or demonstrate that they are no longer AWOL will be placed back into their original squadron.
Cyrel Vandroth
Fleet Commander