Rebel Squadrons


Fleet Commander Directive: Effective 09-21-17
Operations Officer Responsibilities and Expectations

This document describes the responsibilities and expectations of the Operations Officer of the Rebel Squadrons.

The Operations Officer position serves as a subset of the responsibilities of the Fleet Commander pertaining to the support of Task Force Leaders in the management of their activities, in monitoring the Rebel Squadron’s activity leaderboard for evidence of cheating, and assisting in the creation and enforcement of reporting policies and procedures.

In the following, an ‘ITOD Period’ begins when the SotRS is released to the RS, and ends on the date on which objectives are due, which is typically one week before the end of a leaderboard session. The following is a list of minimum benchmarks which you are required to meet each Period:

  1. Identify activities worthy of having a TFL (with ongoing objectives) or activities that are no longer being participated in and bring it to the FC’s attention.
  2. Monitor the TFLs and their adherence to their Responsibilities
    • Remind them of the deadlines in the Objective development schedule as they approach. Document discrepancies.
    • Document when they fail to respond to your requests in a timely manner, or otherwise fail in their responsibilities.
    • At the end of an ITOD session, complete a TFL evaluation for each of the Platform Coordinators and submit it to the Fleet Commander for review.
  3. Assist in the writing of the State of the Rebel Squadrons and/or ITOD Period mission briefing document, completing the following no later than four days after the end of an ITOD Period:
    • Documenting Leaderboard results from the previous session, including Squad/Fireteam Ranking, top Individuals, and rewards for each.
    • Documenting ITOD/activity objective results from the previous session, including the point totals for all participating members and rewards for the top individuals.
    • Finalizing the objectives generated by TFLs into the SotRS and/or mission briefing document for publication to the RS.
    • In the event that a minimum of three TFLs fail to generate objectives for their activities by the end of an ITOD Period, assist the FC in generating up to three objectives.
  4. At the end of the leaderboard session, confirm the the records documented in Section 1 are still accurate, updating as necessary. Forward medal nominations for each of the commendations noted in sections 1 -a and 1 - b to the Personnel Officer.
  5. Maintain a reasonable level of activity by achieving at least 30 activity points on the leaderboard each ITOD Period and participation in at least one ITOD event.
  6. Be Responsive to emails within two days or maintain an active presence on Discord.
  7. Author and maintain the Objective development schedule (See below) and deliver it to the Task Force Leaders within a week of the beginning of an ITOD Period.
  8. Author and maintain the Activity Objective template, provide it to Task Force Leaders at the start of the session, and ensure adherance to the template for final publication to the RS.
  9. Review and maintain the posted policies and rules for report submission.
  10. Current policies and rules for report submission should be maintained as a fleet commander directive on the site.
  11. Periodically conduct a randomized review of general activity reports for adherence to the posted policies and rules for report submission.
  12. Upon identifying any such erroneous reports, deal with them in a manner as discussed with the Fleet Commander. The Fleet Commander and Operations Officer agree to maintain a shared document recording the penalty for each type of infraction in order to maintain consistency in dealing with them.
  13. Attempt to resolve any disputes occurring between members of the RS pertaining to the Leaderboard or as a third party, if requested, with regards to an ITOD Objective.

Choosing to accept the Operations Officer position and failing to meet the benchmarks listed above will result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to: warning, ineligibility for promotion or award, Leaderboard point nullification, demotion, and relief of command.

Example objectives creation schedule, 2 month ITOD Period (~9 weeks)
  • ITOD Period Start: 5/1/2016; ITOD Period End: 6/30/2016
  • (5/29) End of Week Four: Rough Draft of objectives complete and created on the site. Rough draft must include a list of the goals to be met in order to earn the ITOD points, and an idea for how the objectives correspond to the RS’s fictional narrative.
  • (6/12) End of Week Six: The Executive Staff* will provide feedback on your objective, including suggested tweaks to the specific goals, further information to improve the fictional background for your objectives, and/or facilitate you getting in touch with the IO staff regarding any technical limitations of what you have proposed.
  • (6/26) End of Week Eight: Final draft of objectives complete and ready on the site. Final Draft must include reasonable instructions (or link to a wiki page) on how to participate in your activity, in addition to the aforementioned objectives and fictional background.
  • (6/30) Week Nine: The Executive Staff* will send a newsletter (the SotRS) providing your activities’ objectives to the RS at large and takes responsibility for activating the created objective on the site.
*Or their chosen representative, typically the OO.

This directive is effective starting 01 September 2014 and was last updated 21 September 2017.

Cyrel Vandroth
Fleet Commander