Rebel Squadrons


Fleet Commander Directive: Effective 05-15-16
Squadron Commanding Officer Responsibilities and Expectations

Squadron Commanding Officers are one of the primary points of contact for a member in the Rebel Squadrons. You will serve as their mentor and guide for interacting with the RS and getting in touch with other members. Your role and attitude is critical to ensuring that our members have a pleasant experience in the RS. Choosing to accept a Squadron CO position and failing to meet the general benchmarks listed below may result in arbitration. The following is a list of minimum benchmarks which you are required to meet each Period:
  1. First and foremost, you are required to be an actively participating member of the Rebel Squadrons.
    • You must achieve a combined total of at least 50 activity points on the RS’s main Leaderboard each session.
    • You must be responsive (within three days) to e-mails and maintain a regular presence (show up at least two nights a week, and answer your messages within three days) on RS’s new server on Discord.
  2. Attempt to engage in at least one activity with each member of your squadron. If you are unsuccessful, be prepared to present evidence of attempting to contact your squadron members (typically e-mails).
  3. Within three days after the end of an ITOD Period, you are required to submit a summary of your squad’s performance to the Fleet Commander*. In this report you must include:
    • A list of members in your squad who failed to report this period and needs to be marked AWOL.
    • A list of members who performed exceptionally well and deserve special recognition
    • Recommendations for promotion of members at the Level One - Squadron rank.
  4. Uphold the principles of H.I.E.R., enforce them in your activities with your Squadron, and generally encourage a positive atmosphere.
  5. Acquire and mentor a Squad Executive Officer
    • The Squad XO has as much or as little authority as you deem fit while you are active.
    • When you are marked Away Without Official Leave (AWOL) or go on a Leave of Absence (LOA), your XO assumes the responsibility of the squadron and all the duties you are responsible for until your return. Thus, you are required to train them in those duties.
  6. Make efforts to recruit new membership into the RS. CC the Fleet Commander* on any and all official communications between yourself and your squad or a member thereof.
* Any reference to the Fleet Commander also applies to his appointed designee, if applicable. (Typically the RS Executive Officer)

Version History/Update Log: 1.0 (05-15-2016) - Creation

Cyrel Vandroth
Fleet Commander