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Fleet Commander Directive: Effective 09-24-2017
Task Force Leaders

Task Force Leaders (TFLs) are members of the Rebel Squadrons that take on the responsibility for encouraging and managing a participation for a specific activity within the RS.

How do you become a Task Force Leader? Ask! Contact your squad CO who will pass your request on to the correct members of the Executive Staff.


TFLs are some of the most important contributors to the Rebel Squadrons: they create content for the rest of the RS to enjoy. As such, the Executive Staff attempts to recognize that as often as possible. Following the responsibilities listed below is one of the fastest paths to consistent promotion in the RS.

TFLs that generate enough interest in their particular activity they may be asked to create an Interactive Tour of Duty (ITOD) objective. ITOD objectives serve as specific goals or methods of friendly competition in an activity. TFLs monitor their activity and their objective in order to suggest promotions, medals, or general recognition for exemplary participation in the end of the session State of the Rebel Squadrons newsletter.

TFLs whose activities are particularly popular may be invited to serve as a voting member on the High Command as a 'Platform Coordinator'.

Task Forces

Task Forces are separated into two states when determining the responsibilities of its TFL:
  • Standby - TFL monitors and encourages general activity.
  • Active - Responsible for an ITOD objective.

At the discretion of the Executive Staff, a Task Force may be declared Active if there are four or more unique RS members reporting on, or otherwise participating in a manner observable to the RS at large, an activity. The Executive Staff may also activate Task Forces for a single session to give them a chance to prove their activity level. If the Executive Staff determines that there is not enough interest in an activity, a Task Force will be returned to Standby just before the subsequent session. Except in extreme circumstances, Task Forces will never be dropped to Standby status in the middle of a session.

Rights and Responsibilities of a Task Force Leader:

(Note: Any reference to the Executive Staff should be substituted with their chosen representative (typically the Operations Officer for general objectives questions, or Logistics Officer for fiction) if available. When in doubt, contact the Fleet Commander who will direct you to the appropriate person.

  • Maintain a reasonable level of activity by achieving at least 30 activity points on the leaderboard each ITOD Period and participate in your own objective.
  • Be responsive to emails within three days or maintain an active presence on Discord.
  • At least once a session, send a newsletter advertising your activity, organizing an event, or presenting other opportunities to participate in your activity.
    • The site's internal e-mail function will allow you send an email to all members that have your activity chosen in their profile. Alternatively, your newsletter can be incorporated into the State of the Rebel Squadrons OR provided to the RS Communications Officer for publication on the RS' social media sites.
  • Attempt to resolve any disputes occurring between members of the RS during or pertaining to your activity. If you are unable to do so, escalate the issue to the Executive Staff.
  • Periodically review general activity reports submitted for objectives or general participation under your activity for adherence to the posted policies and rules for report submission. Upon identifying any erroneous reports, inform the Executive Staff.
  • Within two days of the end of each ITOD Period, generate and submit to the Executive Staff a summary of the performance of the activities in your platform, including any recommendations for commendation for participating members.
  • (Active only) Create an objective for your activity for each ITOD period.
    • The Executive Staff will provide a template (see FCD - Interactive Tour of Duty) demonstrating how an objective should be formatted for it to be accepted and included in the RS's ITOD.
    • Objectives must include all necessary instructions to complete the activity, including where and how to download and install necessary mission files (if applicable), how to report, and how reports will be scored.
    • Objectives must also contain activity-wide goals for members of the RS to achieve. Goals should be created such that one should be pretty easy to achieve based on past participation, one should be moderately difficult, and one should represent a tremendous increase in participation in your activity ('Stalemate', 'Minor RS Victory', 'Major RS Victory' respectively).
    • These goals will have an impact on the fictional health and presence of the RS in our ongoing storyline. You are encouraged to work with the Executive Staff to create the fictional repercussions of your objectives, see the objective template for more details. Note that while they will make every effort to accommodate your creative desires, the Executive Staff reserves final say on the RSí storyline and its fiction.
    • You are required to make progress on creating your platform's activities' objectives on a schedule posted each period by the Executive Staff.
  • (Active only) Maintain an objective for your activity (if created) for the current ITOD period: Reports submitted for objectives should be reviewed within two weeks of receipt or by the end of the ITOD period, whichever comes first.
    • At least once per session, at during the time period indicated by the Executive Staff, score all reports for your activity based on the criteria you established. Recall that scores must fall between 1 and 10. (See FCD - Interactive Tour of Duty for additional details.)

Choosing to accept a Task Force Leader position and failing to meet the benchmarks listed above render you ineligible for promotion this session and may result in official arbitration as outlined in bylaws section 5.

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