Rebel Squadrons
Person: CMDR Yaihi'l Beskar
Medal: Alvace Star

Date: January 3, 2022
Nominated by: FA Cyrel Vandroth
Awarded by: No Data
Reason for nomination: For the creation of dice scripts for the RPG division's use of the Avrae dice bot, which has enabled the division's completely independent continuation of the group's homebrew SWRPG. We could not have kept going without it, and when the time came, she stepped up and saved the day. Thank you, Fulliron.
Comments by awarding officer: Coding is often a long, tedious, and unrewarding endeavor that requires lots and lots of time and effort. That it itself is commendable. However, when mixed with coding for the entertainment of others, it has even more weight and value. Thank you Fulliron for your creations and contributions to the ABG and the RS!

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