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PBF Medal of Activity

This medal is retired.

This medal is awarded to a squadron based on the percentage of pilots that flew/reported on the monthly PBF ITOD mission. If a squadron has 70% or higher participation on a PBF ITOD mission, including flying and non-flying reports, all reporting pilots receive the medal.

Text Representation: {[-PBFMoA-]}

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PBF Medal of Activity

LCM "Ping" Greyson (x12) - (More Information)
BGN Ace Farlander (x5) - (More Information)
RA Adam "Vender" Fene (x7) - (More Information)
CMDR Alexxander Vandross (x7) - (More Information)
1LT Andreas Northsky
COL Anthon Connor (x4)
GEN Anton "Ups" Nels (x4) - (More Information)
COL Argon Viper (x6)
LCL Arloz Zaffro (x6) - (More Information)
2LT Astrum Furor (x2)
CMDR Ben Haun (x10) - (More Information)
LCM Bonaparte (x10) - (More Information)
COL Brig Dolaree - (More Information)
CPT Cain Lyran (x9) - (More Information)
CMDR Calista "Kat" Fairbright (x3) - (More Information)
2LT Cantor Jon (x2) - (More Information)
COL Carilla Shay (x5)
ADM Castor Efrata-Landis (x2) - (More Information)
COL Cay-Qel "Pyro" Jade - (More Information)
COL Cephisus Balder (x3) - (More Information)
MGN Chris Earthkeeper (x19) - (More Information)
MAJ Coal M. Fett (RET) (x2)
CMDR Cole Landfarer
GEN Corran Horn Jr.
LCM Cynna Jade Sunrider - (More Information)
MAJ Dacs Helfrump (x11) - (More Information)
COL Daemon Jorval
COL Dalton Strader (x13) - (More Information)
GEN Damon Lightwind (x11) - (More Information)
CMDR Daniel Rezmann (x8) - (More Information)
MAJ Daniel Reznor (x4) - (More Information)
LCM Dav Starlighter (x9) - (More Information)
FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris (x5) - (More Information)
1LT Derris Sulgan
2LT Desrik Koryn - (More Information)
COL Dev Azzameen (x11) - (More Information)
BGN Dew - (More Information)
MAJ Dhruv Kalra (x3) - (More Information)
2LT E.C. Nerwal
BGN Eric Reagan (x2) - (More Information)
LGN Eric Skrevski - (More Information)
MAJ Etain Valen Gaas - (More Information)
CPT Feak Duran (x3)
COL Fed Barron (x13) - (More Information)
MAJ Felipe Zammit (x6)
BGN Fion "Zero" Grell (x8)
MGN Gabrich Varmer (x12) - (More Information)
MAJ Galactic Angel (x4) - (More Information)
BGN Galic Mars (x3) - (More Information)
GEN Garrik "Face" Loran (x10) - (More Information)
MGN Gavin Phalon (x12) - (More Information)
BGN Gavin Starseeker (x4) - (More Information)
COL Han Suul (x12) - (More Information)
RA Harley Quinn - (More Information)
CMDR Hermann (x7) - (More Information)
BGN Hermus Dogan (x3)
MAJ Hernan10 (x3) - (More Information)
ADM Indiana Bridger (x3) - (More Information)
CPT J (x4)
COL Jack "Blazer" Barnes (x10) - (More Information)
ADM Jack Stewart - (More Information)
MAJ Jacklyn Jenzer (x10) - (More Information)
CPT Jae-Keito Gra
LCL Jagged Drayson (x2)
MGN Jairo Pantoja (x11) - (More Information)
GEN Jake Blues (x8) - (More Information)
LCM James "Corsair" Folen - (More Information)
LGN James "Nightwolf" Davidson (x2)
LJG James Nitvisch
COL Jan-lo Sunner (x14) - (More Information)
CMDR Janus Victor (x10)
2LT Jasper Medeel - (More Information)
2LT jaZz_KCS - (More Information)
LCL JC Savage (x5) - (More Information)
LCL jelf boom - (More Information)
COL Jeremiah Matthew (x4)
CPT Jeris Gand
LCM Jim Goodiong (x4)
BGN Joel Lance - (More Information)
CMDR Johnny (x5)
CPT Jordi Fett (x4)
CMDR Joseph Oberlander (x3) - (More Information)
FA Joshua Hawkins (x6) - (More Information)
MAJ Jotheb Tahn (x2) - (More Information)
LGN Juho Taskinen (x2) - (More Information)
COL Kane "Kid" Dev Redron - (More Information)
CPT Kass Hunter (x7) - (More Information)
COL Kettch Nasin
ADM Kirghy Lommax (x4)
CPT Kiwi (x8)
CPT Kosh Naranek (x6)
LCL Kresa Rei'de (x5) - (More Information)
MAJ Kye Cygnus
COM Leonard Cable (x7) - (More Information)
FA Licah Fox (x10) - (More Information)
COL Lightning (x12) - (More Information)
CMDR Linden Rathan (x12) - (More Information)
MGN LiveWire (x2)
LCL Lunac`her`inar
2LT Marcus Nightfire
CMDR Mario El Atlante (x10) - (More Information)
GEN Markus Jarnhann (x3) - (More Information)
MGN Mat Bizegar (x3) - (More Information)
MAJ Matthew Lionheart (x6)
MGN Max Cal - (More Information)
LCM Menasha Orshaq (x3)
2LT Menion Darkwind - (More Information)
LCL Menshk Vrei'Sik (x7)
LCL Michael Morone - (More Information)
FA Mike "MacMan" McEwen (x3) - (More Information)
LGN Mike P. Bullian
1LT Mike"Refiner"Ford (x2)
COL Misko Markot (x3) - (More Information)
BGN Muzor (x4) - (More Information)
2LT Naomi Ad'alri (x2)
CMDR Nefo T'chir (x3)
MAJ Nicma Sihou (x4) - (More Information)
CPT Nightflyer (x2)
LCL Nils Sira-e.LXXIX (x5) - (More Information)
MAJ Nixximus (x10) - (More Information)
1LT Oblique Ox (x3) - (More Information)
CMDR Olith Hesto (x2) - (More Information)
MAJ Ozera (Rog) Saberef
LCM pallr garner (x6)
VA Patrick Blastfire (x2) - (More Information)
2LT Peter Gibbons
GEN Petr Tagge Margul (x5) - (More Information)
GEN Phil DarkFire (x8) - (More Information)
MGN Primlar Potamus (x12) - (More Information)
CPT Raistlin (x2)
LCL Rakiki (x2)
CPT Reb Lee Jackson (x2) - (More Information)
CPT Reginald Barcley
CMDR Rekstar Rukilian (x9) - (More Information)
FA Rensal Darklighter (x10) - (More Information)
1LT Ridley Ozzel (x3)
CMDR Rode Mitchell (x5)
CPT Sean Wingrider
RA Sentry (x3) - (More Information)
MGN Shane Long (x27) - (More Information)
BGN shaolin (x3) - (More Information)
CMDR Shil (x5)
COL Sigurd Pillar (x2) - (More Information)
MAJ Simeon "Wolfman" Ferros (x7) - (More Information)
1LT Skawl
LGN Slyder McGrath (x5) - (More Information)
RA Snappleguy (x9) - (More Information)
BGN Stalker (x24) - (More Information)
BGN Ste T (x4) - (More Information)
MGN Steve Hawkins (x24) - (More Information)
COL Taan Ronar (x6)
2LT Talon Jade - (More Information)
BGN Talon Starblazer (x11) - (More Information)
CPT Talyn Malasombra - (More Information)
CPT Tam Klivian (x6)
BGN Tasch Pencron (x3) - (More Information)
LCM Tracken Hit (x2)
LCM Trev Firestorm (x13) - (More Information)
2LT Trevor Masamune - (More Information)
MAJ Tym Angel (x7) - (More Information)
FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran (x23) - (More Information)
CPT Van Korell (x4)
LCM VaporViper (x4)
CMDR Vason Senmic - (More Information)
MGN Vykk Tharen (x20) - (More Information)
1LT Waldroca (x2)
COM Wes Belden - (More Information)
MGN Xtremegene (x5) - (More Information)
MAJ ZyenBacca (x7) - (More Information)

(Ret.) PBF Mission Report Medal
(Ret.) PBF Most Active Squadron
(Ret.) PBF Top Squadron


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