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Dagger Squad NL 12-2-00

By GEN Bluejay Farscape
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Squadron NL, Dec 01, 2000
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hey Pilots,

This is just another of my winded good ideas and toss in the circular can NL. :)
As you all have already heard and know is that BGN Raz has resigned from the IBG CO position. MGN Slate Maller is the new CO... Congrats Also Rave steps up to the vacant XO positions.... Congrats to you too.

As for the results of the ITOD 104 and OpLan 103, i have kept track and know we won the ITOD 104. as for the OpLan i don't know about that. But its unofficial til Slate posts it in a NL which he said he will when he gets a grip of the IBG.
ITOD 105 is in the works and will be out soon from what i'm hearing.Don't know whats up with the OpLan missions.

If any of you have any experience in makin missions,The IBG can really, really use you. Contact Slate and let him know.

Ok, don't forget about the Flight night/meeting on Fridays in #ibg starting at 2pm EST.
Don't forget to Fly the outer Rim War against the LSF,VE,EE and SV on Saturdays #outerrim from 3-11pm EST. please show and lets have some fun.

Some news for us Daggers, I'm trying to set up maybe a practice battle with Draco Squad for us to keep active til the ITOD and OpLan missions come out again.
I also see that our own little battles that are posted on the website still haven't been flown yet. Lets get those flying that way i have a reason to make a squad medal for most wins or what ever.

One last thing, I need an AWOL check from all of you for the new CO, he wants to know who is still around, i know all of you are still here, but lets get those AWOL replies back as soon as you can.

Thats all for now

Commander Bluejay Farscape
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