Rebel Squadrons

PBF Hope Wing NL 1.12.00

By LCL Nils Sira-e.LXXIX
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Wing NL, Dec 01, 2000
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hi folks, 'tis me, your new wing wait, that one's not from lucas arts.
this is just a short introduction note.. comming to think of it, I probably won't be saying much anyway, after all I'm not a man of great words... unfortunately :)
so, being a wing CO under such great lead as Jorval provides (no, I'm not trying to get a promo, he's just green) there won't be much I'll have to do aside from writing protocolls.
this means following:

1) I need an XO. accepting applications as of right now.

2) I want all of you squad COs to report on the roster... well, not realy, I just wanted to have that said once :)
just tell me whether the Roster DataBase is accurate and if not.. correct it ! I think that would just be in Jorvals sense too :)

3)... hm, make that 2 and a half. I'm thinking about a wing tour, just thinking about it for the time being though. I have an idea, nothing big, but special... of course, what else :)
so, I'll get back to you later on that one.

I'll probably send out the NLs on monthly basis, one week after the PBF NL or perhaps on the first sunday of every month, we'll see. if the tour I have in mind will actually come to live, then you can expect biweekly NLs but for now it's every month.

- Nils


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