Rebel Squadrons

Scorpion Wing NL 11-30-00

By LGN Doth Raandu
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Wing NL, Dec 01, 2000
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Good week.I hope everyone had a good turkey day. Let's do some business.

Rza squadron: Not much to say.I'm happy. All I need to see is a webpage created or updated.

RnK squadron: Welcome back BJ. Same thing here guys, I need to see a webpage.

Cadets: Nobody new this week. Hopefully next week.

Outerrim: Just to encourage everyone to go there. Saturdays at 5pm est. in IRC room #outerrim

ITOD: Excellent. I got 3 more reports from the first one. Very impressive. I won't be giving out any medals this time but next time I will be handing out medals for best report and score. Attached is ITOD #1(for those who haven't flown it) and ITOD #2. Enjoy! Remember to send your reports to myself and Shada.
BlueJay (lost the score)
Pauho(lost the score)
Zilch- Score: 80735
Maynard- Mission Score 46685
Athon- Score : 49458

Promotions: Zilch, for your continuing dedication to Rza and your constant activity I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain. ":)

Personal Note: I'm still in need of a permanent Internet Officer for the Scorpion homepage. All I need is for someone to update the page once a week. Thanks ":)
One more thing, keep up the recruiting, I'm getting more and more people into the academy every day. Thanks a bunch everyone!

That wraps up this NL. G'night


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