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AFNL ~ December 1, 2000

By ADM Indiana Bridger
Unit: Aurora Force
Fleet NL, Dec 03, 2000
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Aurora Force Newsletter ~ Friday, December 1, 2000


Well, ladies and gentlemen, the deadline is here. I want to congratulate everyone on a job well done. And a side note: If you use Shik’s new signoff concept, do so at your own risk.

Aurora Force Fleet News ~
Tier 1 has ended. The fighting in Feng Shu is dying down while Rooks and Indy have made a terrible discovery in Trisel…but more on that later. Air forces have returned to their original role—playing back-up for the ground forces.
I will need a list of promotions and medal nominations for next Friday.

Roster Additions ~
Everyone welcome back LCM Los Bennett to Aurora Force! She’s joining us as Corsair 2.

Medals / Promotions ~
Right now, I need everyone to send in their medals so I can update the roster database. We only have our merit medals and our Master Cadet w/ Honors up. If you are sending a merit medal to me PLEASE REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS FOR (ie Golded Datapad, Gimpy, et cetera).
And now for what you’ve been waiting for: The medals to nominate for in Tier 1. Please send votes ONLY to me with “Vote” in the subject line.
1) The Gimpy (most injured)
2) Golden Datapad (best written)
3) Above and Beyond (going above and beyond the call of duty)
4) The Broken Bottle (getting into the most trouble)
5) Conceli Star (Awarded to the best commandos)
6) Conceli Skies Award (Awarded to the best air forces)

Aurora Force History ~ DID YOU KNOW?
Aurora Force will be two years old this February.

Kartuiin Tidbits ~
The governor of Conceli VIII is a suspected Rebel.

If you’d like to write something for Aurora Force History or Kartuiin Tidbits, please (please please PLEASE!) e-mail me ( ).

From down the CoC ~
******Forward Down the CoC******

Greetings, Members of the Rebel Squadrons. ":)

The past few weeks have been packed full of noteworthy events. I apologize
for the length of this State of the RS Address in advance, but I'll try to
be succint.
>From the Internet Office, several announcements. BGN Shikkie Kaaran
announces most of his information in separate posts, so you should read the
BBS to stay up-to-date. The Roster Database has a new look since the time
of the last SotRS. All members who have not visited need to go there ASAP,
as this is a major nexus of communications for the club: Further, the Internet Officer released an
official statement on Signatures. He suggests using a form of idline to
save space. Note that this is not a requirement, and is not endorsed by the
High Command, it is simply the suggestion of the IO. You can read the
suggestion at
id=1 Lastly, the Rebel Squadrons News Center (replacement for the holonet)
is nearing completion. You can view this project at
In Medal Office news, a new system of medals has been devised, with many
additional medals being added to those currently available. These new
medals will be unveiled on friday, on a new webpage being created by Major
Ares Braynock. The new medal graphics are being created by Commander Ben
In the Office of External Affairs, a new Minister has been appointed. Major
Ater will now be heading up the office and handling alliances. The Rebel
Squadrons has a new ally, the Imperial Dragoon Strike Fleet ). Finally, the External Affairs page
has been overhauled. You can view it at
In the Outer Rim War, the competition continues on. The RS won this last
week, with 34 victories to the 11 of the SV, 4 of the LSF, and 2 of the VE.
You can visit our ORW homepage at
Competition continues this Saturday in #OuterRim.
In High Command news, RA Sentry resigned from the position of Redemption
Fleet CO. He has been replaced by Commander Mike "Kerian" Horvath. The RF
XO is Lieutenant Commander Ambious. I welcome these two into the High
Command! And more recently, Brigadier General Raz Zaphon has resigned from
the position of Intrepid Battle Group CO. His replacement is former IBG XO
Major General Slate Mallar. Congratulations Slate! The new IBG XO will be
announced shortly.
High Command made several decisions this past week regarding the bylaws, and
I invite you to read about the decisions thoroughly in the HC Weekly
d&id=1 ). Currently, High Command is involved in a discussion on Non-Player
In other submitted news, Grey Squadron is live! The Tour is begun with this
story: Forever Grey ( More
info can be found at: Organizational and Nonfictional Preface to the
"Forever Grey" Tour ( and
on the Grey message board
Upcoming submissions will be posted on the R.S. Event Calendar
Finally, this week we have several medals that have been awarded. Medals
are awarded upon the approval of the Medal Officer. Submit a nomination
today! This month, the following medals were awarded:
The Kessel Cup was awarded to CMDR Deltan Saviri, BGN Raz Zaphon.
The Tatooine Suns was awarded to BGN Raz Zaphon, VA Trace.
The Excellency of Duty was awarded to CPT Sienn Sconn, LCL Daemon Jorval.
The Combat Medal was awarded to LCL Boid Reaves, LGN Rahj Tharen, 1LT
Maynard Stardust, 1LT Kem Chrosid.
Congratulations to all!
Thanks for reading this latest SotRS, and thank you for being a part of this
club. Remember that the Rebel Squadrons is only as good as we make it. So
let's continue to do our best, and in doing so, we will make the RS the best
club around!!

Reach for the stars, and you will find that you can often catch them!

Dave "Raptor" Trebonious-Astoris
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander
=The Rebel Squadrons=
...a H.I.E.R.* Organization
*(Honor, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)

-Commanding Officer, Rebel Squadrons
-Member of the High Command
-Former RS Executive Officer
-Former C.O, Redemption Fleet
-Former C.O, Crusader Fleet
-Former C.O, Kalidor Wing
-Former C.O, Delta Squadron
-Former RS Medals Officer
-Former pilot, Rza Squadron, RgF
-Formerly of many other things

(The Excellency of Service, awarded by MO Mike Bullian)
|//Oo\\| (The Tatooine Suns, awarded by MO Ben Jynzer)
||U|| (The Kessel Kup, awarded by FC Castor)
|*| (The Combat Medal, one star. Awarded by Adm Jim)
*?* (The Alliance Dagger, one. Awarded by Adm Jim)

"Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!" -Daniel Webster
"You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold!" -William J. Bryan
"Decision by Trial. Combat be the Judge." -Mechwarrior II ;)


Please pass down the CoC


I made some changes to the news center, the list can be found here:

Also as it's pretty much 95% done functionality-wise i'd like to get some hardcore testing of it to being. Therefore the I requests that postings of newsletters, announcements and the like be added to the RS News Center. Any errors should be reported to At this time you may still use the BBS to post copies of NLs and such in case the News Center develops errors, but in the future I'd like to see each used for its distict purpose. The bbs for posting discussion topics, and assorted other two-way communication. (NLs are one-way comm from CO to those under his/her command) and the News Center for announcements and newsletters. (Again, one-way Comm)

The RS News Center can be found at

":) BGN-Shikkie Kaaran-{RSHC/RSIO | RgFXO/DOW/RDSCO | RSCD/KnightSO/RavenCO}
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BGN Indiana Bridger
Aurora Force CO
Rebel Squadrons Second Officer
PBF Phoenix XO
Grey Alpha 4


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