Rebel Squadrons

Top 10 IRC Quotes.

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Platform NL, Dec 03, 2000
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The top ten IRC quotes for this week (not quite all from this week since it's just starting)

       5 from Sair.

1. I dont want to accidentally come back here. <`Kaz> Yes..I'm sure
your arrival in a place and the word accident go hand in hand

2. you can't say sexual harassment without saying 'her ass'

3. yeah, don't eat 2 month old ham

4. No, I'm settled down with someone of the female sex <`Rachie> Her
name is Ashley, and she inflates in 4.3 seconds.

5. Shikkie has managed to offend the very fabric of space-time

       5 from Shik.

6. as your CO, Raandu I order you to give me some

7. Shada was looking through her closet for the extra big dildo she used to have But unfortunately, Raandu uses it now. Damn straight

8. I think having a cheesegrater for a penis would be awkward

9. (Jorval) I pay $1.38 for these things, they better taste like strawberry punanny damnit...

10. someone just msged me, advertising porn <`Kaz> Shikkie cut that out damnit it wasn't me i only provide porn to trace and it's used porn anyhow


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