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RgF NL 12/5/00

By MGN Dan Fengar
Unit: Aurora Force
Fleet NL, Dec 05, 2000
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As promised the NL. Lets get to it before I colaps oonto my keyboard.

OR-Well from what I hear getting a XvT match is a hard thing to do. With one match this week, and no pilot of the week here are the results.

XVT: VE_Zsinj-(19) vs RS_Jester-(6), VE Wins!

We have two more clubs joining in on OR so hopefully we can get some matches that way. Just keep showing up and trying to get matches.

ITOD: The next mission will be comming out shortly. We are testing it at the moment so that we can make sure that the mission you get the first time will be correct. the mission should be out by midweek.

egroups-I have had Shada set upa Egroups account for the fleet. Signing up is optional, but this will let everyone voice thier opinion (good or bad) and get communication up. go there and sign up. And may God have mercy on our inboxes. :)

Promotions-I gave out one promotion this week. It was my fortunate (or as some might say unfortnate duty :P) to promote Skikkie to Major General. Shik as faithfully served as the RgF XO as well as doing unbeleavble amount of work as the RS IO. Congrats Shik.

I apoligies for this bieng short but seeing as my pillow beconds I wanted to get this out so I could ease my mind. the Next NL will be on time Sunday/monday. Untill then ":)

Major General Dan "Myst" Fengar
Jedi Squadron
Jedi 6
RgF Top Squad November 2000: {|^~*~^|}
XvT Academy Master Cadet with Honors-*))@((*
RgF Pilot of the week for 11-8-99-}*-PoW-*{
RgF ITOD Squadron of the Quarter- Fall 99
RgF ITOD Squadron Gold Trophy 03/00,RDS
Blue Squad
Blue 2
Blue Squad Top Gun-January
Blue Squad Top Gun-February
Gray Alpha 7
Academy Instructors Medal:[[\\(¤)//]]
XW Academy Master Cadet with Honors-~|¤|@|¤|~
XW Academy mission report Medal-[[X~MRM~X]]
Hellfire Squadron
Hellfire 6
T/F Academy Graduate with Honor-~|§|@|§|~
Avatar Squadron
ROC Master Cadet with honors-~*|*+*|*~
Excellency of Duty-


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