Rebel Squadrons

IBG Newsletter: 12/06/2000

By RA Slate Mallar
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Dec 06, 2000
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Greetings Pilot

Ok, let's get down to business:

1st. From the desk of the CO

2nd. OpLan


4th. Outer Rim

5th. Promotions and medals.

6th. Announcements

7th. New Medal system

8th. From the desk of the XO

-+-From the Desk of the CO-+-

      The next few weeks for the IBG are going to be a bit active for us in the IBG. To start as most of you probably know Lt. Commander Rave Craise is your new IBG XO. Everyone welcome him when you see him.

      We have also appointed a new Second Officer, that will be brought up again later in this email. All squads should be executing a roll call. Please respond to those ASAP. We need to know which squads need new replacements. The command staff and I are going to going through a few rules and ideas for us to add to the IBG.

       Also, Many of you are probably asking about the ITOD and OpLan. Unfortunately I don't have Raz's skills at mission making (although I am slowly learning). So if everyone can bear with us for a few weeks we will get these out ASAP. My plans are to start an ITOD mission making division for this fleet. Anyone interested contact myself only. Do not respond to the RS fleet email. We don't want to flood everyone's mailboxes.

      I also have not heard any news from the CO or XO of Stinger squadron. If any one knows anything contact me ASAP.


Here's are the results for Oplan 1.03

Gagra Yearwood: 6204

SnakeFace: 3946

Bluejay Farscape: 3326

Kem "Zilch" Chrosid: 3101

Jaina Hansen:2482

Rave Craise: 2271

Dash Rendar: 2210

Maynard Stardust: 1641

Deltan Saviri: 411

Jedi Pete Arie: 383

Beany: 175

Kayen Farlander: -15

Dagger: 10137

Phalcun: 6189

NightWolf: 4481

Centurion: 3101

Draco: 1816

Stinger: 411

-+-IBG ITOD-+-

Here are the results for IBG ITOD Alpha 1.04:

Darron Lochek: 2087

Kem "Zilch" Chrosid: 1845

Rave Craise: 1697

Ryan Deean: 1688

Ace Strife: 1666

Beany: 1529

Taosko "Silev" Silencer: 1463

Garrik Loran: 1428

Gagra Yearwood: 1375

Deltan Saviri: 1350

Jedi Pete Arie: 1219

Jon Anchorage: 537

Dagger: 4972

Centurion: 3273

Draco: 3217

NightWolf: 3160

Phalcun: 1912

Stinger: 1350

Note: Ryan Deean's score was added to Draco, as he flew the mission while still in Draco.

-+-Outer Rim-+-

ORW did not go to well for us this week. It seems there was an abundance of RS pilots, but no one to fight against. The OR council and myself are looking to correct that little problem. If it takes getting more clubs to fight against us, then so be it. We will fight whoever decides to get the nerve and battle us. They will also pay. So keep coming to these OR battles and show support, and hopefully fight someone.

I will be sending out in the next few weeks the ideas the command staff is going over. Look for the in the near future. Keep up the OR support and the ITOD when we get it going again.

New clubs will also be added for our killing pleasures, read about that and all other OR News that can be found at

RS Wins Outer Rim! ~ Scores: Matches: ,SV: 17 ,LSF: 0 ,VE: 21 ,Total: 36 >

XWA: SV_S-Fox-(13) vs RS_Dash-(1), SV Wins!
XWA: RS_Jerron-(5) vs SV_S-Fox-(14), SV Wins!

Question is. which Dash is it?

-+-Promotions and Medals-+-

Promos: Commander Deltan Saviri has been promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel for his excellent services as Titan CO and IBG IO. Keep up the good work. Deltan has also been advanced for his work on the Outer Rim web site by the RS XO Lt. General Rahj Tharen and by MGN Kaaran for his work as Assistant RS IO. Great job Deltan.

1st Lt. Striker Highwing has been promoted to Captain from a request by his XO, Lt. Commander Cris Null. He has done outstanding work to keep up activity in Phalcun.

LJG Gagra Yearwood has been promoted for his excellency during OpLan 1.03

Commander Bluejay Farscape has been promoted to the rank of LT. Colonel for his excellency as Dagger CO.

Lt. Commander Ater-Itos-Sist-Gand (Draco - 4) has been promoted by his primary fleet. Congrats


The Mission Report Medal [=:MRM:=] for this ITOD goes out to 2nd Lt. Taosko Silev of NightWolf Squadron (NightWolf - 6)

The Top Ace award for OpLan goes to Gagra Yearwood.

Top Ace for ITOD 104 goes to Darron Lochek.

Top Gun Squadron for OpLan clearly goes to Dagger squadron.

Top Gun Squadron for ITOD 104 also goes to Dagger.

Congrats to all and looks like Dagger needs more competition.


I need people with ITOD building skills. please msg me if you think you're up to it.

-+-From the desk of the XO-+-

As promised, I will now name a Fleet Second Officer. This task I left to LCM Rave Craise.


All week long, I've been giving this much thought, and I've come down to one name. I'm sorry to all the others that applied, you'll have some other shots, some more than others, but this time, I decided to go with Commander Bluejay Farscape as IBG SO. Congratulations, Bluejay!


Captain Jon Anchorage from Phalcun Squadron is on a LOA.

Captain Ace Strife, Dagger XO is also on a LOA.

Preston Hebret has been marked AWOL for Phalcun squadron.

That's all for now. Thank you for your time and you are dismissed to regular daily duties.

Major General Slate Mallar, Force Attuned

Rebel Squadrons (FC Dave Trebonious-Astoris)

Intrepid Battle Group (IBG) - (Commanding Officer)
Chiin`Tal Wing (General Jinx Katarn Commanding)
       Draco Squadron (General Jinx Katarn Commanding)
       Victory Flight Group
       Draco- 2

Rebel Squadrons Commando Division (RSCD) - MC-80 Justifier (General Kaz Falcion Commanding)
Fleet 2nd Officer
Katarn Company (General Janet Skyy Commanding)
       Katarn 3
Knight Company (Brigadier General Richard Gross)
      Dragons Squad (Lt. Commander "Hawkeye" Luedke Commanding)
       1st Fire Team
       Dragon 4

Dragon Force Commanding Officer
RSCD Commanding Officer_Retired
2nd Platoon Commanding Officer_Retired
Dragon Squadron CO-Retired
2nd Platoon CO_Retired
Alpha Company CO_Retired
Draco Squadron CO_Retired

Rebel Squadrons; a H.I.E.R* organization

-=*}†{*=- - RSCD Distinguished Service Cross
-=*=- - RSCD Achievement Medal
"'{|||}'"- Joint Services Commendation
-=*|*=- -RSCD unit citation
*{0}* -RSCD Legion of Merit (2)
[§«o»§] - XvT Academy Medal of Honors.

"Never tell me the odds"

(* Honor, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)


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