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Dagger Squad NL 12-6-00

By GEN Bluejay Farscape
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Squadron NL, Dec 07, 2000
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Greets pilots,

Its time once again for the almighty (me) to grace you with some wisdom... LOL, now if you believe that we are in serious trouble :)
I have a few annoucements for you all.
1. I have appointed Lt. SnakeFace as the new Dagger Squad IO. He has done a lotof hard work on it and helping me with the current one. He is also working on a new Dagger site, here is the URL . I want everyone to check it out and express what they want on it, any ideas for improvement, your votes for yah, nay...
Congrats Lt SnakeFace.
2. ITOD 104 and Oplan Missions, like i figured , Dagger Squad did win them both. Lt Lochek is the ITOD 104 Top Ace. Very good work Lt.Lochek. Dagger Squad also gets the Top Gun Squadron for the OpLan and ITOD 104. Congrats to everyone who flew and reported on the missions. Below is the list of pilots who flew and reported.I also want you all to know that I appreciate all you pilots for the effort you have given for flying these missions as they are there for your enjoyment.

ITOD 104
Lt. Lochek - 2087
Lt. Hansen - 2005
Col Raandu - 1808
Comdr. Farscape - 1787
Lt. Strife - 1666
BGN Arie - 1219
Lt. SnakeFace - 999

Oplan 103
Lt. SnakeFace - 3946
Comdr. Farscape - 3326
Lt. Hansen - 2482
BGN Arie - 383

3.Please all, don't forget about the Outer Rim War, i know the last 2 weeks haven't been to good for us since no imp's or pirates, smugglers have been around. In a sense its good, as we have given them an Ass Whooping when they do show, but always be there and alert for their prensence as when they do show that we can just wipe them up again.

4. Lt. Hansen and I are working on gathering info for a Dagger Squad bio from its inception to now. It will be a kind of like history of the squad. And in doing so we have run across and old Dagger Squad Mission from June 1999.It is attached to the email for all to fly and enjoy it.

Major Pete Arie entered the bases' mess hall and walked up to the counterChocolate Pudding please The cafeteria worker looked blankly at the officer for a moment.I'm sorry, we're all out. The Major's forehead creased.Oh NO! I need my pudding Further down the food line, Pete saw IronMan reaching over the counter, grabbing another cafeteria worker by the font of his shirt. WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO MORE CHICKEN!?!?! The sherik of pain and disbelief echoed through the mess hall. Jackyl exited the mess hall's head snarling. There's no more toilet paper.He growled. Jackyl turned to Yacko and sniffed the air.Yacko smiled sheepishly.I took a shower, I swear, but there was no soap! Before anything more could be said, or more cafeteria workers could be assaulted by angry pilots, an urgent announcement sounded over the bases's PA system.
All Dagger Squadron pilots report to the breifing room immediately! This is NOT a drill, Repeat...
With that the pilots dropped what they were doing and dashed to the lift that would speed them to the breifing room.

Teke stood at the front of the breifing room as the pilots took their seats.His face soured as Yacko breezed by.He cleared his throat. Some of you may have noticed a shortage of various foodstuffs and toiletries.The grumbles coming from the pilots indicated that they had in fact noticed, so Teke continued.This shortage is due to the fact that pirates have made the mistake of preying on some of our shipments.There was some more grumbling, but Teke realised it was just IronMans stomach. So this means its payback time.We've been able to trace one of the pirate vessels back to their base.Intel tells us they have a large installation, and a lot of fighter support. They have Y's, Z's, and other various craft. This mission will NOT be easy, but the stakes are high. Steak? IronMan shouted out.Who's talkin' about steak!? I'm talkin' about Chicken over here! Maniac stood up, C'mon, lets bust some pirates up!
The squadron stood and cheered as Teke yelled over them. We launch immediately.May the Force be with you.

how to load :
Download the file into your skirmish folder in the main XWA folder. start your game, go into the single player sim, select
skirmish, and then load. among the list, there will be one called Pirate Base select it and load the mission.
Note: Remember to fly X-wing Dagger. Make no changes to the mission. After flying the mission, report your score and number of kills to me pass or fail. This is an Historical Mission so you are not required to fly it, its just for your enjoyment.

5. I would also like to start an TOD for the squad,if anyone has the mission building experience, and would like to give it a whirl, let me know.

Promotions and awards:
no promotions as af yet
no awards as of yet either but am working on making a few Squad ones,there will be one for the Historical Mission above

Thats all for now,

Lt. Colonel Bluejay Farscape
      Kalidor 7
Redemption Fleet
      Strategic/Tactical Command - CO/CO
            Tactical Battle Fleet - IO
Intrepid Battle Group - SO
      Chiintal Wing
                  Dagger Squadron - CO
Renegade Fleet - IO
      Scorpion Wing - SO/IO
            Ragnarok Squadron - CO/IO
View Profile:
STC Master Cadet w/Honors $^+{@}+^$
XvT Master Cadet ~))@((~
IBG Master Cadet w/Honors =:{IBG}:=
SBF Heart [*]|>8<|[*]
RnK "At least SOMEBODY cares" medal
IBG Combat Patch [<*>]
IBG Combat Ribbon =*^*=
IBG Greoop Cresent [<+#*>]
IBG Pilot of the Month Award (PoM) 9/00
IBG ITOD 102 Top Gun Squadron of the month
IBG ITOD 104 Top Gun Squadron of the month
XWA Operation Lanvarok 101 Top Gun Squadron(11/1/00-11/8/00}
XWA Operation Lanvarok 102 Top Gun Squadron(11/9/00-11/15/00}
XWA Operation Lanvarok 103 Top Gun Squadron(11/16/00-11/30/00}


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