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New Medal System

By FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Dec 08, 2000
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Greetings ":)

In an effort to increase the popularity and efficiency of rewarding people for what they do, the RSXO and I have created a new medal system for the club. Many new medals have been added to the mix. Although we unfortunately do not have a new medal page to show you yet, the IO has all the medals added into the database and you can see images there for now. The new medal page will hopefully be done shortly. As of now, this medal system is in effect and the new medals are all eligible to be awarded. Without further ado, here is the text description of the new system. New medals are listed with ( ) around their titles.

"I. Accomplishment Medals:

1) Excellency of Service
This medal is awarded on extremely rare occasions, as it is the highest honor a member can earn. Only on the recommendation of the Medal Officer and the approval of the FC may it be awarded. The Excellency of Service is awarded for service to the RS past the "above and beyond the call of duty". It is awarded to members who have made a large impression or lasting contribution to the betterment of the Rebel Squadrons.

2) The Tatooine Suns
Symbol: |//Oo\\|
This medal is awarded for significant contributions in furthering the cause of The Rebel Squadrons.

3) The Kessel Cup
Symbol: ||U||
This medal is awarded for service to the Rebel Squadrons in an unusual and difficult way.

4) Excellency of Duty
This medal is awarded for excellence within the bounds of one's duty as described by their position. It should be awarded by the Medal Officer on the nomination of the nominee's Commanding Officer.

5) (Fleet Commander's Medal of Excellence)
This medal is awarded for individuals or groups who directly assist the RS FC in his daily activities, or whom the RS FC wishes to recognize for particular excellence and/or dedication. Awarded by the FC at his/her discretion.

6) Academy Commander's Medal of Excellence
Symbol: ~!*!@!*!~ One Bar: ~¤!*!@!*!¤~ Two Bars: ~ ¤! ¤!*!@!*! ¤! ¤~
Awarded on the recommendation of the Academy Commanding Officer for excellence in service to the RS Academy.

7) Dagger of Courage
Symbol: -^†^-
This medal is awarded for going above and beyond the call of duty in assisting a fellow member of the RS.

II. Combat Medals:

1) New Republic Medal of Honor
Symbol: One: ]]]<(*)>[[[ Four:
The highest honor achievable in combat, this medal is awarded for extreme bravery or extreme accomplishment in combat.

2) Violet Cluster
Symbol: One: *:* Four: *::::*
This medal is awarded to those wounded in combat.

      ---Multiplayer only---

1) Alliance Dagger
Symbol: One: *†* Four: *††††*
This medal is awarded for significantly damaging the enemy in combat.

2) Combat Medal
Symbol: One: |*| Four: |****|
This medal is awarded for considerable accomplishment in combat.

3) (Valiance Combat Citation)
Symbol: ^|VCC|^
Awarded for extreme activity at an RS wide multiplayer/online event to signify combat experience. Recommended that four or more matches be played to be nominated.

      ---Singleplayer only---

1) The Tour Champion Award
Symbol: ||--->||
This medal is awarded to those who showed the most skill and tenacity versus the empire throughout the Tour of Duty.

2) The Dantooine Key
Symbol: {o~;;}
This medal is awarded to pilots who submit every assigned mission on report on a timely basis. The pilot must have been a member of the squadron for at least 50% of the tour.

3) (Dauntless Combat Citation)
Symbol: ^|DCC|^
Single player combat citation awarded to those that participate in 33% or more an interative tour of duty. This signifires combat experience and can be awarded multiple times.

III. Honorary Medals:

1) Honorary Membership Medallion
Symbol: {||~RS~||}
This medal recognizes honorary membership in the Rebel Squadrons.

IV. Service Medals:

1) (Distinguished Service Cross)
Symbol:      |_/= †=\_|
Awarded to commanders for exceptional extended service at a single command position and to those commanders that leave a high level command position in
good standing.

2) (Veteran's Service Medal)
Symbol: 1 Year: *I* 2 Year: *II*      3 Year: *III* 4 Year: *IV*
Awarded to members for extended service to the RS. Granted for one year of active duty with the RS and after every other year of serice, an additional upgrade would be awarded.

3) Eye of the Jedi
Symbol: -- o --
This medal is awarded for meritously recruiting members for the Rebel Squadrons.

V. Commendations:

1) (Unit Commander's Commendation)
Symbol: [=*=]
Must be recommended by Wing COs and up to exceptional commanders (CO/XO) that display great dedication to their unit and superb leadership skills.

2) (Unit Commendation)
Symbol: <=*=>
Must be recommended by Wing COs and up and award to all members of an exceptional unit (Squads/Wings/Fleets) that has proven themselves to be superior to other units through their actions such as high activity, distinguishing themselves in battle, or furthing the cause of the RS.

3) (Merit Commendation)
Symbol: =*=
Awarded for one time deeds that deserve some sort of merit. This is the smallest award in the RS, but still serves to recognize members for any one time works that help their unit, commanders, or fellow members.

VI. Graduation Medals:

All the same."

Any questions, please contact myself or another Executive Officer.



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