Rebel Squadrons

Top Ten IRC Quotes this week

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Platform NL, Dec 10, 2000
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Again, the first five are from sair, the last 5 are from me.

1. I... Want... Shik's.... Breasts!

2. <`Kaz> I actually got promoted in RgF once <`Kaz> From LCM to LCM <`Kaz>
It was an honor

3. <`Kaz> I know all, see all, and call people all sorts of crazy sh*t

4. but don't you see? Cybersex is chasing me, and you've all
brought this plague in here for 8 years I've run from fake sex,
while embracing real sex, but once again, it's found me time to
change me name and identity again

5. Kaz has a urinary infection? Come Kaz, I'm taking you to the
green mile... Some giant black guy is going to grab your penis
and make it all better. <`Kaz> No!! `Kaz runs away from Dave

6. Hey Shikkie, will you cyber go out with me? chaos... can I cyber shoot you in the face? But I cyber love you, Shik! I want to e-marry you!

7. (`Kaz) Kaz says, Just Say No To CyberPuddy

8. Ok, are you all quite finshed fantasising about gay sex with me? Oh please're the kinda person who would beg for sex. I should know, we smell our own.

9. <`Davery> and that wasn't lesbo action.. I just realized that wolfie is Kerensky. yech ewwwwww <`Davery> I feel violated :P me too i thought wolfie was like inys...

10. The other day my friend told another friend that he was a big black guy named bubba and was gonna rape him my friend gets really... 'friendly' when he's high or drunk and you hang around him when he's high and drunk because....? becuase he hasn't tried to rape me yet *yet* so you're waiting for that?

And that's it for this week :D


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