Rebel Squadrons

RSCD NL 12 dec 2000

By GEN Remarda Jundun
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Dec 12, 2000
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Greetings commandos.

Due to RL exams, our illustrious leader kaz has not had time to prepare your
usual feast of a newsletter this week, and has asked that i get it out for
him (ooerrrr)

Right, without further ado, let me present to you the results from last
weeks melee.

We had a total of 13 matches this week. This is not a particularly
promising or impressive number of matches even by our old standards, let
alone by the new standards that we have set ourselves over the past month or
two. what happened to the streak of 50 and 60 plus matches that we had?
now i understand that its coming up to christmas, and people are starting to
have commitments outside the RS for the holiday season, but please show up
if you can. remember, the Euro melee on thursday is not only for european
players but for anyone who can attend (3-5pm EST or 8-10pm GMT), likewise
the main melee should be attended by anyone who can make it. I would like
to see next weeks melee activity back up above at least 30, so come on ppl,
lets show them why this is the best damn fleet in the RS!

[Dragon: 0.5|Raven: 5|Shadow: 9|Talon: 10|Avatar: 1.5|Avenger: 0]

[Knight: 15.5|Paladin: 10.5][Matches: 13]

1. S_Inys(host)-(7) vs T_Python-(2), BGJ, NF, Shadow Wins!
2. S_Inys(host)-(8) vs T_Ryan-(3), BGJ, NF, Shadow Wins!
3. S_Zsinj(host)-(1) vs R_Trace-(1), BGJ, NF, Tie!
4. S_Jordan(host)-(10) vs D_Hawk-(5), CO, NF, Shadow Wins!
5. S_Jordan(host)-(10) vs R_Trace-(0), CO, NF, Shadow Wins!
6. S_Jordan-(10) vs R_Trace-(0), BGJ, FF, Shadow Wins!
7. V_Gambit(host)-(10) vs R_Trace-(3), BGJ, NF, Avatar Wins!
8. T_Kaz(host)-(10) vs R_Trace-(0), NSLT, NF, Talon Wins!
9. T_Kaz(host)-(10) vs R_Trace-(2), Bespin, NF, Talon Wins!
10. T_Kaz(host)-(10) vs R_Trace-(-1), BoD, NF, Talon Wins!
11. T_Kaz(host)-(10) vs R_Trace-(0), CO, NF, Talon Wins!
12. T_Kaz(host)-(10) vs R_Trace-(3), VotJT, NF, Talon Wins!
13. T_Kaz(host)-() vs S_Jordan-(), Shadow Forfeits the Tiebreaker, Talon


Talon: Kaz-(6-0-0), Python-(0-1-0), Ryan-(0-1-0)
Shadow: Jordan-(3-1-0), Inys-(2-0-0), Zsinj-(0-0-1)
Avatar: Gambit-(1-0-0)
Dragon: TR_Hawk-(0-1-0)
Raven: Trace-(0-8-1)
Avenger: [Nobody]

This week we once again dominated the Outer Rim, and a new database has been
set up by our resident PHP/HTML pimp shikkie.

from now on, in order to compete at the Outer Rim you must register on the
new database. an email has already been forwarded down the CoC giving full
instructions on the new site, so please re-read it, and make sure that you
register and play at the OR.

here are the OR results

JK: RS_Kelric-(10) vs SV_Nite17-(0), RS Wins!
JK: RS_Kaz-(4) vs SV_DarthS-(-1), RS Wins!
JK: RS_Gambit-(10) vs SV_Nite17-(0), RS Wins!
JK: RS_Gambit-(10) vs SV_Wolverine-(8), RS Wins!
JK: RS_Rahj-(10) vs SV_Wolve-(-1), RS Wins!
JK: RS_Kaz-(10) vs VE_TJ-(5), RS Wins!
JK: RS_Gambit-(10) vs VE_TJ-(8), RS Wins!
JK: RS_Hawk-(5) vs VE_TJ-(10), VE Wins!
JK: RS_Kaz-(0) vs LSF_Wrex-(-2), RS Wins!
JK: RS_Kaz-(10) vs VE_Threeof4-(-1), RS Wins!
JK: RS_Hawk-(1) vs VE_Anakin-(3), VE Wins!
JK: RS_Kaz-(10) vs VE_TJ-(4), RS Wins!
JK: LSF_WreX-(10) vs RS_Kelric-(0), LSF Wins!



Here as ever, from Trace are the current Merit Points for the fleet.

Kaz - 568 - [[RSCD-Champion]]
Rahj - 474 - [[RSCD-Warlord]]
Gambit - 341 - [[RSCD-Battlemaster]]
Inys - 198 - [[RSCD-Knight]]
Dev - 150 - [[RSCD-Knight]]
Trace - 106 - [[RSCD-Marauder]]
Blaster - 95 - [[RSCD-Warrior]]
Keets - 64 - [[RSCD-Commando]]
TR Hawk - 64 - [[RSCD-Commando]]
Dragon - 63 - [[RSCD-Commando]]
CHornJr - 62 - [[RSCD-Officer]]
Python - 61 - [[RSCD-Officer]]
Tally - 60 - [[RSCD-Officer]]
Kromium - 59 - [[RSCD-Officer]]
Slate - 58 - [[RSCD-Officer]]
Rich - 53 - [[RSCD-Veteran]]
Zsinj - 46 - [[RSCD-Veteran]]
Red 5 - 45 - [[RSCD-Veteran]]
Ryan - 44 - [[RSCD-Trooper]]
Jordan - 42 - [[RSCD-Trooper]]
John - 36 - [[RSCD-Trooper]]
Deadmeet - 31 - [[RSCD-Specialist]]
Dminister - 27 - [[RSCD-Specialist]]
NachosMan - 27 - [[RSCD-Specialist]]
Lamin - 23 - [[RSCD-Soldier]]
Shikkie - 22 - [[RSCD-Soldier]]
Wedge - 15 - [[RSCD-Soldier]]
Randy - 13 - [[RSCD-Soldier]]
Thuku - 13 - [[RSCD-Soldier]]
Skull - 12 - [[RSCD-Soldier]]
Apocylpse - 10 - [[RSCD-Servicemen]]
TopDawg - 10 - [[RSCD-Servicemen]]
Dash Xander - 8 - [[RSCD-Servicemen]]
GAdRS - 6 - [[RSCD-Servicemen]]
Janet Skyy - 6 - [[RSCD-Servicemen]]
Nick Xavier - 6 - [[RSCD-Servicemen]]
Dash Rendar - 4 - [[RSCD-Rookie]]
Logan - 3 - [[RSCD-Rookie]]
Luke Flyswatter - 3 - [[RSCD-Rookie]]
Stalker - 3 - [[RSCD-Rookie]]
Deltan - 1 - None

The RSCD-MUD is currently experiencing some problems with randomly rebooting
the server that is hosting it. We are having difficulty resolving this as
randor seems to have vanished off the face of the planet and he's the only
person with the source code, so until we can get back in touch with him, the
MUD is on indefinite hold.

it has been another quiet week in the Domination League, i dont actually think any matches have been played at all. come on guys, this is supposed to be fun, take part.

It gives me great pleasure to promote Lieutenant Colonel Inys Fey'Lar to the rank of full colonel, for continued hard work within shadow squad, coming up with a new shadow squad website all on her own, constantly running the euromelee, and for diligence and determination within the Aurora Force.

congratulations colonel ":)

Finally, it was decided by Kaz and myself last night, that the JK ROC is to
be abolished. There are several reasons for this decision, but primarily,
we wish to improve the overall impression that new recruits get of the speed
at which they are introduced into the RSCD as a whole, rather than sitting
around in an academy.

To further this, new recruits will only be required to perform a single task
in order to graduate in as a full RSCD member. This task will be to play
one multiplayer game of JK, using standard melee rules, against any member
of the RSCD, and report the results of the match. Please offer your support
whenever possible to new recruits looking to play their game.

Well, I hope I did a good enough job with this NL to prevent kaz from
breathing fire at me :)

and if i missed anything, tough :P

Brigadier General Remarda 'Python' Jundun of the Rebel Squadrons
RSCD Talon Squad member
RSCD ROC Graduate With Honours
XVT Mission Builders Academy Graduate


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