Rebel Squadrons

Top Ten IRC Quotes.

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Platform NL, Dec 17, 2000
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Here are the quotes for this week.

1. the Canadians will save our ass in WW3 No, the Canadians, because WW3 will be a hockey game, involving lumberjacking and flannel

2. <`Davery> Canada... they're almost as bad as france <`Davery> Canada's almost worst then Frace

3. <`Kaz> I hope you catch an STD <`Kaz> You'll spread it through commas <`Kaz> Get some kind of burning rash on your apostrophe <`Kaz> It'll become painful to punctuate

4. <`Kaz> Its not that you people are completly retarded... yes it is

5. The stupidity is scaring me... and I'm taking part in it

6. He fought a war to unite the union, when he had already recognized the south as a seperate country by blockading their ports, after all- you don't blockade your own countrires ports. whats funny is that ya'll are trying to tell me what has happened in history and I lived it wait, pete lived through the civil war?

7. not everything is gay. just gay things are gay. @ Indy facepalms. yea; beat that logic :D

8. kumba almost sh*t his pants when i showed him the DHTML on the news site :D <`Davery> that's not surprising. he probably gulps down pepto everytime he sees that he has a message from you. "oh sh*t, another cool RS feature that we don't have.. my stomach!"

And two classics :)

9. (Morcant) Mike, I told you before, I have long hair but I am male! :)_ (COL-Mike) I know, and i'm're sexy.....

10. `LCMOrian looks deep into `Dev 's eyes, sees the beauty of her soul and says, "Baby, the sun, the rain, and the most beautiful rainbow is reflected in those eyes!" then he leans in and gently kisses her soft full lips and his knees buckle as the passion causes her to melt into his arms..


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