Rebel Squadrons

R2F NL ~ 12-17-2000 ~

By VA Trace
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Dec 18, 2000
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R2F Newsletter
December 17, 2000

R2F 504
The mission will follow this message.

1. The mission can be flown as many time as you want and you may report as
many times as you want. Your highest score will be counted towards the final

2. You MUST fly the mission on MEDIUM.

3. Your pilot file MUST be attached to the e-mail when sending your report.
Be sure the pilot file contains the data from your mission before sending
it. Pilot containing no data will be considered invalid and will be scored
as a 0.

4. You must use a "clean" pilot when you fly this mission. Any pilot that is
not "clean" will be considered invalid and a 0 will be scored. A "clean"
pilot is one that has been used only to fly the current mission.

5. Only reports sent to will be considered valid. If
your report and pilot file is not sent there it will not be counted. You
may, however, share your report with others.

This mission is due no later than Wednesday, January 31st, 2001. Make sure
you send your pilot file to for the report

R2F 503 Results
Person - Squadron - Kills - Score
Zeth Raltier - Wraith Squadron - 229 - 194,957
Dev - Hydra Squadron - 211 - 179,198
Kye Cygnus - Hydra Squadron - 198 - 168,686
Sergio Mantis - Hellfire Squadron - 194 - 162,860
Thuku - Wraith Squadron - 181 - 154,225
Adam Fene - Slayer Squadron - 183 - 140,463
Nichos Katran - Hellfire Squadron - 129 - 93,727
Cynna Jade Sunrider - Hellfire Squadron - 97 - 67,678
Qi-Xian Sunrider - Wraith Squadron - 93 - 66,152
Ace Farlander - Shadow Squadron - 83 - 61,873
Menshk Vrei'Sik - Skull Squadron - 66 - 45,846
Muzor - Slayer Squadron - 56 - 40,707
Mario McBaco - Shadow Squadron - 44 - 40,594
Derik Bel Iblis, The Wyvern - Wraith Squadron - 51 - 38,333
Lightning - Shadow Squadron - 45 - 34,161
Kettch Nasin - Hellfire Squadron - 30 - 31,846
Arill Wiltker - Skull Squadron - 22 - 19,840
Sair - Skull Squadron - 28 - 17,638
Shannor Cankerra - Hydra Squadron - 9 - 10,874
Deadmeet - Wraith Squadron - 17 - 10,388
Fion "Zero" Grell - Slayer Squadron - 17 - 5,489
Argon Viper - Hydra Squadron - 19 - 1,179
Reece Hicks - Shadow Squadron - 0 - 0
Trace - Wraith Squadron - 0 - 0

Congradulations, Zeth Raltier, for getting the high score on 503. You may
now add the the following medal to your signoff:

Squadron - Reports - Kills - Score
Wraith Squadron - 6 - 571 - 464,055
Hydra Squadron - 4 - 437 - 359,937
Hellfire Squadron - 4 - 450 - 356,111
Slayer Squadron - 3 - 256 - 186,659
Shadow Squadron - 4 - 172 - 136,628
Skull Squadron - 3 - 116 - 83,324

Congradulations to Wraith squadron for winning Top Squad on 503.

Wing - Reports - Kills - Score
Storm Wing - 13 - 1,277 - 1,006,825
Sentinel Wing - 11 - 725 - 579,889

-- Reports - Kills - Score
Total - 24 - 2,002 - 1,586,714

A total of 24 reports were received for R2F 503. Currently, R2F has 49
members, so that ends up being just under 50%. 50% is good, but I _know_ we
can do much better. I'd like to shoot for at least 60% on 504. I know we
can do it.

R2F 503 MRM
Lieutenant Colonel Nichos ‘NachosMan’ Katran won the MRM with an excellent
story. Nachos, you may add {]R2F-MRM]} to your signoff.
Nachos' Report is attached below.

Incoming Pilots
2nd Lt Sergio Mantis (Hellfire)
LJG Dhruv Kalra (Skull)
LCM Ater-Itos-Sist-Gand (Hydra)
1st Lt Arill Wiltker (Skull)

Outgoing Pilots
None at this time.

For his work in Sentinel Wing, as R2F SO, and in the Academy, I hereby
promote Colonel Corran Horn Jr. to Brigadier General. Congrats! ":)

R2F Merit Patches
Zeth Raltier - 17 - {R2F-Ace}
Cynna Jade Sunrider - 16 - {R2F-Ace}
Ste T - 15 - {R2F-Veteran}
Corran Horn Jr. - 12 - {R2F-Veteran}
Dev - 12 - {R2F-Veteran}
Thuku - 10 - {R2F-Pilot}
Derik Bel Iblis, The Wyvern - 10 - {R2F-Pilot}
Ace Farlander - 10 - {R2F-Pilot}
Dash "Dashimus" Xander - 10 - {R2F-Pilot}
Nichos Katran - 9 - {R2F-Pilot}
Sair - 8 - {R2F-Pilot}
Muzor - 8 - {R2F-Pilot}
Trace - 7 - {R2F-Pilot}
Deadmeet - 7 - {R2F-Pilot}
Kettch Nasin - 6 - {R2F-Pilot}
David Vaughan - 5 - {R2F-Pilot}
Qi-Xian Sunrider - 5 - {R2F-Pilot}
Kye Cygnus - 4 - {R2F-Pilot}
Fion "Zero" Grell - 4 - {R2F-Pilot}
Adam Fene - 4 - {R2F-Pilot}
Maarten - 3 - {R2F-Rookie}
Kassar Corruth - 3 - {R2F-Rookie}
Argon Viper - 3 - {R2F-Rookie}
Reece Hicks - 2 - {R2F-Rookie}
Sergio Mantis - 2 - {R2F-Rookie}
Menshk Vrei'Sik - 2 - {R2F-Rookie}
Lightning - 2 - {R2F-Rookie}
Arill Wiltker - 2 - {R2F-Rookie}
Shannor Cankerra - 2 - {R2F-Rookie}
Gorbyc Amai - 1 - {R2F-Rookie}
Sentry - 1 - {R2F-Rookie}
Blair Burner - 1 - {R2F-Rookie}

1. Communicate. Get on IRC and chat. Get a client for Windows from and for Mac from Or use the RS's Java IRC Chat
at The R2F's channel is
#Retribution_Fleet and the RS's channel is #RS_Bar_and_Grill.

2. The R2F has its own BBS now! Visit
and select R2F from the drop down to go there.

3. If you have any questions or concerns about the R2F, please contact me,
VA Trace at and VA Dev at

4. Join the taunting r2f list. This list is optional, and you are in no way
required to be on it. To join, send an email to All taunting is to take place on this list.
Any taunting on the regular email list may result in disciplinary action.


Lieutenant Colonel Nichos ‘NachosMan’ Katran looked out the viewport of the
Star Destroyer Emancipator. He gazed at the stars, wondering when, and if,
an Imperial patrol would pass through the system. He wanted the target
practice of taking out Imperial Starfighters with a bunch of enemy starships
encircling him. NachosMan lives for battle, he thought that fighting for the
Rebels was the best honour a man could have.

He sighed and looked down at the planet they were orbiting, assigned to
protect it from pirates, Imperials, and the usual bandits. But so far, he
has yet to see anything that would remotely be considered dangerous.

Just then, Major Adam ‘Vender’ Fene, Executive officer of Storm Wing, came
through the access hatch to the bridge and walked towards where Nichos was
standing. “Hello Adam,” Nichos said, without having to turn around. Vender
stopped, “Damn it Nachos, you know I hate it when you use that Jedi stuff to
figure out it’s me, it freaks me out.” “I’m sorry Vendie,” Nichos said,
turning around to face him, “I have new orders for you, they came directly
from Dev,” Vender said.

He handed Nachos a datapad. “The Liberator, Angelfire, Gunship, and Striker
have all been damaged in the recent battles. They need escort out of there
in case an Imperial patrol happens to come stolling through while their
hypering out. Dev chose you and three other pilots to go out there and cover
them.” “Very well,” Nichos said, and he turned to head down to the hanger.
“Your fighter has already been prepped and ready for take off,” Vender said.
“Thank you Major,” Nachos said. “And sir,” Vender said. Nichos turned to
face him, “Yes?” “Good Luck,” Vender saluted. Nachos saluted back, turned
and walked out the hatch to the hanger.
Finally I get to see some action, Nichos thought as he guided his Tie
Advanced out of the hanger. He input the coordinates where the Liberator and
other ships were, then engaged the hyperdrive. The starlines zoomed past and
the ship shot into hyperspace. Five minutes later, he disengaged the
hyperdrive and pulled the ship into realspace, the other three fighters
making up flight R2F formed up on his wing. “Check in,” R2F 1 said over the
comm. “2 here, ready to lock and load,” The voice of one pilot came through.
“This is three,” Nichos said, “Ready to smoke some Imps.” “Four, ready and
willing,” the last pilots voice came over the comm.

“Pilots, this is the Liberator, keep your eyes open and watch out for any
Imperials. Intel reports said a patrol should be coming through the system
any time now.” “Copy that, Liberator,” Nichos said over the comm. Not even
two minutes went by and an Impy VSD hypered into the system. “Attention
pilots, that VSD is launching fighters, intercept them NOW!” The comm
officer aboard the Liberator said. Nichos kicked his throttle into high gear
and headed towards the bombers, but the VSD also launched Tie Interceptors
to keep the pilots busy. “1, 2, and 4, get those bombers, I’ll worry about
those squints.” “3, that’s 4 on one, are you sure?” “Just do as I say, get
those bombers!” Nichos yelled into the comm.

He quaded up his lasers, and fell in behind one of those squints. He got the
fighter into his sights and fired the trigger, the ship exploded into
oblivion, and Nichos had to pull his fighter up to keep from getting hit by
the debris. “Nice shot 3,” 2’s voice came over the comm, “Thanks two.”

After about 5 minutes of dodging laser fire and destroying Imperial
fighters, the Striker was the first ship to make it to hyperspace. A few
minutes later the Gunship, then the Angelfire hypered out. Finally, after
that the Liberator hypered out as well, and by then Nichos’ wingmen had been
destroyed, so it was him against 12 fighters at a time, luckily, the bombers
were distracted doing who knows what. So he concentrated on the Squints and
the eyeballs.

After another twenty minutes, after all the squints were gone, GUN’s
launched into the area. Nichos did his best to destroy the missiles before
they could reach the ship. After another half-hour of dodging, lasers,
missiles, and Impy crafts while destroying other Imps, he received a call
over the comm to return to base. He hit the hyperdrive and got the hell out
of there before the GUN’s hit him with a missile.


Back at base, the members of Hellfire Squadron bought a round of drinks in
the bar of the Emancipator to celebrate Nachos’ victory. Everyone was happy
that Dev and the ships made it out of there ok, so they bought drinks to
celebrate, as to their custom. “Good Job, Nachodude,” Lt. Commander Cynna
Jade Sunrider said. “Ya did good out there.” “Thanks Cyn, but now, I’m going
to sleep,” Nachos replied. And with that, he passed out on the table and
didn’t wake up until the morning when the cleaning droid came in and woke
him up.



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