Rebel Squadrons

Ragnarok Squad NL 1/3/00

By GEN Bluejay Farscape
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Squadron NL, Jan 03, 2001
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Greeting Pilots and a happy New year...

Ok, since the holidays are over, its time for business again.
First off,its time for an AWOL Check, i want everyone to email me on their current status.

next, The Ragnarok ITOD is complete and is attached to this email, its a little buggy, but you can actually get some points and can get a completion on this one.. WOOHOO :)
Let me know what you think and send me a screen shot of the scores.

I'm still working on some medals for the squad,but by the time everyone flys the ITOD and gets the scores to me then they will be finished and ready for awarding to you pilots.

ORW, it looks like we won the Titiana system and won the first battle for the next system in the Cadrel Expanse. It is als know that the Emperor's Hammer will also join in too, so that means more pilots to fly against, finally.
I would also like to thanks Shada, our XO and Lt Quinn for showing to the ORW last week, even though only 1 XVT game was flown, maybe this week it will be better.

Thats all for now,

LT.Col Bluejay


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