Rebel Squadrons

HC Weekly NewsFlash 1-6-01

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
RSNL Article, Jan 06, 2001
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Greetings fellow members of the Rebel Squadrons. ":)

Welcome to the first HC NewsFlash of the year 2001!    On January 2nd, High Command reconvened for the new year.  Things kicked off with the opening of two new discussion topics.

The first discussion involved whether Redemption Fleet Division CO's should have a seat on High Command to listen and/or voice opinions over issues specifically concerning their divisions.  The general consensus by the members of the council was that the RF CO is in place to talk for the divisions and that's the whole point for having Redemption unified as one fleet.  The RF CO and RF XO should be regularly communicating with the Division commanders as to learn their opinion on issues so the CO can vote in a manner reflective of the division's opinion.  For certain specific occasions, RF Division CO's may be added onto the HC mailing list for consultation.  Overall, RF Division COs will not be added to the HC, but will be brought in to give opinions when the need arises.

The second issue on the agenda is a standard uniform for the Rebel Squadrons.  It's been an idea for quite some time to have a graphic of a dress uniform for all the members of the RS that would also display one's medals.  It would probably be displayed on each member's database profile.  Currently, ideas are being discussed for this process.

Lastly, the Emperor's Hammer will be battling in the ORW against us from now on.  Since they've always historically been our main fictional rivals, I'd like to see the biggest attendance possible among our pilots and commandos.  Let's go out their and keep out winning steaks going!  The ORW will start at 2 PM EST (that's a change) and end at 11 PM EST in channel #Outerrim every Saturday.  Be there!

That's all for this week, stay tuned for next week's HC Newsflash, same HC time, same HC place.

General Rahj Tharen,
Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer


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