Rebel Squadrons

SotRS 1-9-01

By FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Jan 09, 2001
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Greetings, Fellow RS Members. ":)

Welcome to this, the first State of the RS Address of the year 2001. Looking around, I am happy to say that I only have good things to report to you all. The Rebel Squadrons is moving forward by leaps and bounds, and there doesn't seem to be anything to hold us back. Despite the recent lull provided by the holiday season, all parts of the club are back up and moving strongly.
High Command has returned to session and is currently debating uniform issues. The Internet Office has released several new versions of RSIRC crammed full of interesting innovations. The Medals Office has seen the successful distribution of dozens upon dozens of veterans medals. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the veterans of this club for all they have done (at least the one's who have medals at the moment). Ladies and gentlemen, our veterans-

One Year Veterans:
Major General Indiana Bridger
Lieutenant Colonel Bluejay Farscape
Commander Rave Craise
Brigadier General Don-Qui Cantanine
Lieutenant Colonel Nichos Katran
General Rahj Tharen
Colonel Inys Fey`Lar
2nd Lieutenant John Rendar
Major John Leelsabs
Major General Shikkie Kaaran
Lieutenant Commander Zsinj
Lieutenant Commander Sulti Ares-Braynok
Lieutenant Commander Slyder McGrath
Major Trosa Aldair

Two Year Veterans:
Lieutenant Commander Los Bennett
Lieutenant Commander Gavin Cantorph Kravis
Brigadier General Remarda Jundun
Lieutenant Colonel Amplan Dayne
Lieutenant Colonel Carilla Shay
Lieutenant Commander Kettch Nasin
Commander Elad 'Ambious' Avron
Commander Xexre Grelander
Colonel Mike P. Bullian
Vice Admiral Dev
Major Kye Cygnus
Major General Richard Gross
Lieutenant Commander Deadmeet
Major Talon Custer
Commander Ben Jynzer
Lieutenant Commander Nils Omar Hadziselimovic
Commander Ste T
Lieutenant Commander Sair

Three Year Veterans:
Colonel Derik Bel Iblis, The Wyvern
Major General Matt Williams
Lieutenant Commander Stalker
Lieutenant General Slate Mallar
Commander Cole Landfarer
Brigadier General Alvan Sirkoth
Lieutenant Colonel Kyle Tobarn
General Jinx Katarn
Brigadier General Rikel Raandu
General Janet Skyy
Lieutenant Colonel Ace Farlander

Four Year Veterans:
Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Rear Admiral Kaz Falcion
Rear Admiral Sentry
Vice Admiral Rensal Darklighter
Brigadier General Corran Horn Jr

Five Year Veterans:
Vice Admiral Trace

A big thanks to all those veterans who've stayed in this club and helped to make it the best!
In other clubwide news, the Rebel Squadrons recently completed negotiations with the Emperor's Hammer. Competitions between the two clubs will now be resumed as before. The EH participated this past Saturday in the Outer Rim War, and we are pleased to have them to compete against!
And, a special announcement from your Fleet Commander and Executive Officer. After conferring with High Command, we have begun a project to finally bring uniforms to the members of the Rebel Squadrons. The uniforms will display such things as medals and ranks. Currently, a team composed of members of the executive branch, including the FC, XO, and MO, are working with volunteering members of High Command to bring the dream to actual fruition. I would like to thank VA Dev and LCL Jorval who have already donated time and skills to the project. Hopefully by the time the next SotRS comes out, I'll be able to report something more substantial about this project. Stay tuned!
Lots of medals have been awarded this month. I'd like to thank those who nominate their fellow members for medals, and a special thanks to our Medals Officer Ben Jynzer, who manages to stay on top of all the nominations. Its a great service and really shows how much this club cares about its members!
The Alliance Dagger was awarded to Boid Reaves, Nicholas Kelric, Rahj Tharen, and Sair.
The Combat Medal was awarded to Gavin Phalon, Vykk Tharen, Dev, Nicholas Kelric, Kaz Falcion, Zeth Raltier, Wes Belden, and Dave Trebonious-Astoris.
The Dauntless Combat Citation was awarded to Stalker, Gavin Phalon, Janus Victor, Anax Kenan, Ater-Itos-Sist-Gand, Crazen Vana, Anthon Conner, and
Vykk Tharen.
The Excellency of Duty was awarded to Ryan Deaan, Los Bennett, and Ben Jynzer.
The Eye of the Jedi was awarded to Kyle Tobarn.
The Fleet Commander's Medal of Excellence was awarded to Los Bennett.
The Merit Commendation was awarded to Shannor Cankerra, Sienn Sconn, and Sulti Braynock.
The New Republic Medal of Honor was awarded to Kaz Falcion and Rahj Tharen..
The Unit Commendation was awarded to Crimson Squadron, PBF.
The Valiance Combat Citation was awarded to Kaz Falcion, Zsinj, Striker Highwing, Bon Fel, Garrik Loran, Kem Chrosid, Mo Kongo, Rahj Tharen, Sair, Wes Janson, Wes Belden, Xortius Narfasu, and Zeth Raltier.

I'd like to thank you all for making this club an active and fun place to be. We grow stronger all the time, and for that I am proud and eternally grateful. See you next month!

Reach for the stars, and you will find that you can often catch them!

Dave "Raptor" Trebonious-Astoris
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander
=The Rebel Squadrons=
...a H.I.E.R.* Organization
*(Honor, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)

-Commanding Officer, Rebel Squadrons
-Member of the High Command
-Grey Squadron, Grey 5

-Former RS Executive Officer
-Former C.O, Redemption Fleet
-Former C.O, Crusader Fleet
-Former C.O, Kalidor Wing
-Former C.O, Delta Squadron
-Former RS Medals Officer
-Former pilot, Rza Squadron, RgF
-Formerly of many other things

(The Excellency of Service, awarded by MO Mike Bullian)
|//Oo\\| (The Tatooine Suns, awarded by MO Ben Jynzer)
||U|| (The Kessel Kup, awarded by FC Castor)
|*| (The Combat Medal, one star. Awarded by Adm Jim)
*?* (The Alliance Dagger, one. Awarded by Adm Jim)

"Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!" -Daniel Webster
"You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold!" -William J. Bryan
"Decision by Trial. Combat be the Judge." -Mechwarrior II ;)


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