Rebel Squadrons

RSIO Executive ORder

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jan 24, 2001
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RSIO Executive Order

As the Undernet is becoming more and more unstable with each passing hour it is hereby ordered that all Authenticated W ops, and those recieving ongoing temporary ops status in the B&G on Undernet (basically everyone on this list below) shall institute an auto-oppiing feature for the B&G using the mIRC auto-opping feature for the duration of our time on Undernet.

Explanation on how to set up

In the menubar go to File-Options.
Scroll down to menu IRC, sublist Control and click on it.
Press the Auto-Op radio button to the on position.
check the ACTIVE checkbox to the on position.

paste the following lines into the editbox.


Press OK on the options dialog.

That does it.

Note: I know not all members use mIRC as their IRC client. Those that don't, I can't really tell how you how to set up an auto-op thing, but if you can do something like mIRC does then please do.
Anyone having trouble just see me on IRC.


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