Rebel Squadrons

Looking for Mission Builders

By BGN Amplan Dayne
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Basic Announcement, Jan 27, 2001
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LCM Gavin Kravis and I are in need of Mission Builders for all the main games; XW, TIE, XvT, XWA, REB, and JK. XWA is the one we need most urgently, but all are required eventually. If you're GOOD, contact me at Must be able to follow very specific guidelines in most cases.

Lieutenant Colonel Amplan Dayne
"Frothing disease to your enemies!"
"Sweetie! Get mommy's bazooka!"
"Cogito, ergo sum."
"Well, that depends. Are you me?"

()_))))))))))))))))_)_)===========================- Lightsaber Trainee
~||@||~ - X-wing Academy, Master Cadet w/Honors
~))@((~ - XvT Academy, Master Cadet w/Honors
=:{IBG}:= - XWA Academy, Master Cadet w/Honors
Aurora Force Academy, Master Cadet w/Honors

{{-)GAD(-}} - "I Can't Get Enough Of GAd" Award
*II* - Veteran Service Medal - 2 Year
^|VCC|^ - Valiance Combat Citation

Renegade Fleet; Defense Operations Wing, CO
Red Dragon Squadron - Red Dragon 3

Intrepid Battle Group; Titan Wing
Centurion Squadron - Centurion 9

Patriot Battle Fleet; Valor Wing
Jade Squadron - Jade 10


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