Rebel Squadrons

Guardian Wing NL 01-31-01

By RA Lamin Zykara
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Wing NL, Jan 31, 2001
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1.) IOTOD Information      
2.) ISCM Information
3.) Melee Night Information
4.) Roster of Staff Positions
5.) Open Positions
6.) Website
7.) AWOL Check
8.) Closing

1.) IOTOD Information      
       I have completed work on the first IOTOD mission and it is currently in testing. I hope to have it distributed out to the wing by sometime next week. I have decided to make a small change to the IOTOD. Not all missions will be played with more than one player. Many of them will be, but there will also be solo missions during our Tour of Duty. The upcoming mission will be a solo mission. More information on the exact nature of the mission will be released next week. Also, the list to post your mission reports to is:

This will send them straight to the staff for evaluation. Don't be alarmed if it says that you are not a member of the list. Your mission report will get through to us. Please include a screenshot of your score screen with your report. I believe it is Alt-F10 to take a screenshot, although I am not sure. I'll know for sure by the time the mission is released.

2.) ISCM Information      
       Production of the ISCM is still halted for the time being.

3.) Melee Night Information
       I am considering restarting our Wing Melee nights. They would be from 3-5 PM RST (Rebel Squadrons Time) in the room #GuardianWing on InnerNET. The Undernet has become too unreliable to use anymore, so as of now, I am moving all official Wing activities to the InnerNET. You'll still be able to chat and such on the Undernet, but all Melees and other combat activities will take place on the InnerNET. A random InnerNET server can be reached by this address:

It will be decided by the next NL if Wing Melee Nights are to be restarted.

4.) Roster of Staff Positions

Guardian Wing Commanding Officer-Major Lamin Fresca
Guardian Wing Executive Officer-Commander Cole Landfarer
Guardian Wing Internet Officer-Vice Admiral Rensal Darklighter
Guardian Wing IOTOD Officer-Major Shil
Guardian Wing Administrative Officer-Lieutenant Commander Taan Ronar
Guardian Wing Melee Officer-Major General Richard Gross

Wyvern Squadron Commanding Officer-Commander Cole Landfarer
Twilight Squadron Commanding Officer-Lieutenant Commander Trate Daxson
Dragon Squadron Commanding Officer-Major Shil

5.) Open Positions
       The only post open right now is Guardian Wing ISCM Officer. ISCM stands for Inter-Squad Combat Mission. If you are interested in this post you can reach me at the address below.

6.) Website
       The beta version of the website is up and running. It is looking truly good now. All we are really waiting for is some images from RSI and a few links. Admiral Darklighter, please send the Staff mailing group a list of what you still need.

7.) AWOL Check      
       Please reply back to the list within a week or you will be marked AWOL. You have until February 7th to reply to this AWOL Check with your name and position. If you do not reply you will be marked AWOL.

8.) Closing
       Lots of cool stuff going on now. I hope to see all members of the Wing striving to make the Guardian Wing the best they can. And regarding my e-mail about the ITOD for the Fleet, I just discovered that the link to download the mission doesn't work. Once it gets fixed, get on that ITOD mission. Until then, may the Force be with you all.

Major Lamin Fresca
Jedi Knight
Renegade Fleet
-Guardian Wing CO
-Wyvern Squadron XO
-Wyvern 3
Aurora Force
-Redstar Squad
--Photon 2
-Rebel Squadrons Commando Division
JK ROC Master Cadet Medal: ~~*|+|*~~
RSCD Combat Citation: +*+
RSCD Unit Citation: -=*|*=-
-Renegade Fleet Awards
Mission Report Medal: *MRM*
-Aurora Force Awards
Conceli Star- Operation STORM
Aurora Force Above and Beyond- Operation STORM
The Golden Datapad- Operation STORM

"The way is practice; practice is the way."


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