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RgF NL 1/31/2001

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Jan 31, 2001
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RgF NL 1/31/2001


Myst has decided to resign as RgF CO due to RL problems. Good luck with that and we hope to see you active in the near future! ":)

As a result Dave has officailly named me RgF CO. My XO will be BGN Rikel Raandu, Scorpion Wing CO. As many of you know I'm also the RSIO, Therefore I will be working on getting the RgF back on its feet, as well as preparing Raandu to take over fully. At which time as FC Dave and I think a transition is proper and right Raandu and I will trade off, with him being RgF CO and my returning to the XO position.

Now for some specific issues.

Yep, you'll hear about OR until you mumble about violently destroying Impies in your sleep. And then we'll start sending you on missions during your nap times! As usual OR is on the InnerNET -NOT- Undernet. Server: Channel: #outerrim

--Pilot Training
While we have pilots actively going to OR now, we aren't winning. Why you ask? Because most of our pilots are newer to the game and are getting slapped around a bit by the more experienced EH pilots. I'd like to see the more experienced pilots do their best to help with the newer members. The best way I can percieve would be an RgF flight night, which would work well in conjunction with the RgF Meeting night that I'll speak to later.


The current ITOD mission is out, I'd like to see around 60 to 70% of the fleet do something with it. That may be a very hopeful figure, but I know you guys can do it. Someone just has to plant the boot to butt and make it happen.

--Awol Checks
I want all squad and wing COs to run an AWOL check on all your members. Those that don't get back to you in a week I want marked AWOL on the database. If they remain AWOL for a week after that They will be considered 'ghost' members of that squad, and will be counted as an open slot in the squad. If someone is on a LoA (they told you for a fact that they would be gone) and forgot to mark that, let me know their name and PIN and i'll set them as LoA.

--Unit Reports
I'm going to bein a system of Monthly Unit Reports where each unit CO (Squad/Wing) shall present to the RgF CO and XO an email detailing the state of that unit. This report should include the following:
Roster including AWOLs and LoAs
Curernt activities
Promotion/medal recommendations
Exceptionally active members should be noted
Plans for the next month.

Reports will be due the in the first week of each month. That means starting in February (Begins on Thursday, Feb 1) You have 7 days to get a report in. That means Thursday, Feb 8 is the due date. Unit COs that fail to report in with a unit report... Let's not get into gory details.

--Unit Newsletters

I'll expect at least a bi-weekly unit newsletter to be sent by the unit CO or XO. The RgF CO and XO shall be CC'ed to all newsletters. Below are what Should be included in each.
ITOD Reminder
OR Reminder
Updates to Unit News
Squad level - any roster changes
Fleet/Wing level - Command Staff Changes

--RgF Meetings
I'm going to bring back the Fleet Wide IRC Meetings that were hugely popular when IronMan was the RgF CO. I'll be talking with Unit COs to determine what the best time and such is for it.

--In the Works
the RgF Command Staff is currently working on getting the following up and moving.

Raandu will be heading up the Campaigns, We need someone who can make an image of the system based on our specifications and a web page to keep track of campaign data. Anyone interested mail myself and Raandu.

Craft tourney
We're looking into restarting the Craft Tournaments that were run by Likott prior
to his RL problems. Anyone interested in helping out get ahold of myself and Raandu.

Merit System
This one may take longer since it's rather involved. Basically we will try to implement a merit system very much like the majority of other fleets have. When it comes down to being done we will want to have someone to act as Merit Officer and track stuff down and handle the number game. Anyone interested can contact myself and Raandu. When it starts up we'll get back in touch with you.

The main way to find matches and meet your fellow RSers is on IRC. Currently we use the Unernet IRC Network. You will need an IRC Client I suggest mIRC from
Once mIRC is installed open it and connect to an undernet server, (or just
There are two main channels that would relate to the RgF, the Official RgF room (/join #rgf) or the RS's main room, the #rs_bar_and_Grill

The RgF has its own bbs! Just go to and select RgF Board from the drop down list. You will need to sign in using your Roster Database PIN and Pass to access the more powerful features such as the ability to use a signature, or to edit your posts once they are made.

That's it for now, If anyone in the RgF has a question or concern feel free to contact myself or Raandu. We're here to listen and do what we can to help make the RgF the best part of the RS!

":) MGN-Shikkie Kaaran-{RSHC/RSIO | RgFCO/DOW/RDSCO | RSCD/KnightSO/RavenCO}
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