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SotRS Address 01-31-01

By FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Feb 01, 2001
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Greetings, Fellow Members of the RS. ":)

This announcement will be covering several very important topics that affect the entire Rebel Squadrons, so I suggest you read through it carefully. Tomorrow, the High Command Weekly NewsFlash will be released, which I suggest you also read carefully, since it covers separate topics in more detail. With that being said, welcome to this State of the RS Address!

Topping off the news from High Command, a recent vote has decided the future of the Rebel Squadron's IRC presence. HC has voted to move the RS IRC presence away from the Undernet and onto the Innernet. This decision comes after many weeks of lack of service and difficulty to connect to Undernet servers. The Innernet is a smaller and virtually lag-free server, and has been the site of the Outer Rim War for the last few weeks. Some interesting facts about the Innernet:

* No X/W system. Chanserv and memoserv are used for operator commands and other options.
* Everyone has to register a nick.
* Nickserv lets you protect your nick from being used by others.
* Longer nicks allowed. (12 character restriction for all RS channels)
* You can kill off your clones using the nickserv service (you message nickserv the command to kill it and it does)
* There's a memoserv that lets people drop messages to be picked up by people with registered nickserv names.

All official Rebel Squadrons channels will be making the move to the Innernet, in compliance with High Command's decision. The move will be fairly gradual. All Fleet CO's will be registering their channels on the Innernet (or talking to the IO if he has already reserved it). All units and offices of the RS will be changing their IRC information to reflect that the RS now uses the Innernet. Here is a list of the currently available Innernet servers:

Oakland.Ca.US.InnerNET.ORG      (0) West Coast InnerNET Hub
SanJose.Ca.US.InnerNET.ORG       (1) West Coast InnerNET Server
Espoo.Fi.EU.InnerNET.ORG             (1) [] Netsonic InnerNET Server
Helena.Mt.US.InnerNet.ORG            (1) InnerNET Server

Please go to the Innernet and check it out. Also, if you wish to remain in other Undernet channels and still be in official RS Innernet channels, the Internet Officer has a script which will let you be on two servers with the same copy of IRC. If you have any questions, contact the Internet Officer, that's what he is there for.

The other important High Command vote of this week deals with the official relationship between the Rebel Squadrons and the Emperor's Hammer. A majority of High Command members voted to keep relations with the EH the way they are, and not attempt to expand into a Formal Alliance. Currently, the RS and the EH are friendly clubs engaged in competitions. The HC wants this relationship to remain as it is, and feels that an official alliance is not necessary at this time. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Emperor's Hammer!

Here's a brief summary about other High Command topics, which will be covered in detail in tomorrow's HC NF:
*MGN Myst resigns as RgF CO.
*MGN Shik to take over the RgF for now.
*B&G policy discussion is still ongoing.

In non-HC related news, the Executive continues its work on RS uniforms. Position indicators for displaying one's command position have been created, and the template is almost ready. Once rank insignia are completed, the first prototype uniform will roll off the line. Keep an eye out for future announcements on this topic. Special thanks to VA Dev, LCL Jorval, and LCM Ben Jynzer for their continuing contributions to this project. ":)

The Outer Rim War continues on every Saturday at an ever-increasing pace. This past Saturday the RS edged out the EH 71-62, with a total of 166 matches being played! Show up in #OuterRim and join in on the madness!

That's all the news for now. I apologize for this announcement's length. Please do read the HC Weekly NewsFlash when it is released tomorrow, and thanks for reading tonight's news! The RS may be experiencing changes, but rest assured that our club will come out the better for it and we will continue to prosper.

Reach for the stars, and you will find that you can often catch them!

Dave "Raptor" Trebonious-Astoris
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander
=The Rebel Squadrons=
...a H.I.E.R.* Organization
*(Honor, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)

-Commanding Officer, Rebel Squadrons
-Member of the High Command
-Grey Squadron, Grey 5

-Former RS Executive Officer
-Former C.O, Redemption Fleet
-Former C.O, Crusader Fleet
-Former C.O, Kalidor Wing
-Former C.O, Delta Squadron
-Former RS Medals Officer
-Former pilot, Rza Squadron, RgF
-Formerly of many other things

(The Excellency of Service, awarded by MO Mike Bullian)
|//Oo\\| (The Tatooine Suns, awarded by MO Ben Jynzer)
||U|| (The Kessel Kup, awarded by FC Castor)
|*| (The Combat Medal, one star. Awarded by Adm Jim)
*†* (The Alliance Dagger, one. Awarded by Adm Jim)

"Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!" -Daniel Webster
"You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold!" -William J. Bryan
"Decision by Trial. Combat be the Judge." -Mechwarrior II ;)


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