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IBG NL: 2/04/2001: LGN Slate Mallar

By RA Slate Mallar
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Feb 04, 2001
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Ok, let's get down to business, it's a long one:

1st. From the desk of the CO

2nd. IBG PostGrad

3rd. IBG melee Night

4th. IBG Story Board Page

5th. Outer Rim

6th. Promotions and Awards

7th. Announcements, Move to InnerNet

-+-From the Desk of the CO-+-

      We got the new medal system on the database. Everyone go ahead and make sure they have the correct medals. If not contact myself I will get it updated if its in the IBG.
      Merit system is also updated. Check it out.
      Major Mo Kongo has a few ideas to help us in battle and activity. they are IBG POSTGRAD and IBG MELEE NIGHT. Everyone read what he has to say and go ahead and respond to him with your opinions. I think they are both excellent ideas. We do need help in winning battles (especially me).
      ITOD IS OUT! ITOD IS OUT! ITOD IS OUT! ITOD IS OUT! Everyone get that. ITOD IS OUT! Its on the web page if you don't have it already. Its under the TOUR OF DUTY link. Mission is called BlodFang escort. They ITOD team really worked hard to get this to you all. They did it for you, show your thanks and get those reports in ASAP. In case you do not know, you report in the bulletin board. It's under IBG ITOD Board. ONLY POST YOUR REPORTS HERE. Any questions please go to IBG Board or myself. 17 dedicated pilots have already reported.
Lt. General Slate Mallar
-+- IBG PostGrad-+-
Looking at our standings in the ORW, in XWA, especially, we have did badly.
We had to fly against the best the EH had to offer. Even our IBG CO lost
games against them! Therefore, we are going to propose an IBG Postgrad
training program. Here is the idea: the top 4 pilots from the IBG in the
ORW and the top 4 pilots this ITOD will be asked if they're interested in
teaching their skills as postgrad instructors. If they are not, we will
move down the list. 4 more pilots would be hand picked veterans. They will
also be given a choice whether to teach or not. Hope this will improve our
--Maj. Mo "Falcon" Kongo (Chin'Tal XO)

-+- IBG melee Night-+-
      A second thing I want to start is melee nights. It will sort of run like
the ORW but the only difference is, we play only X-wing Alliance and it's
only within the IBG. It would be like the melee nights in the RSCD, squads
against each other. However, to have this type of night, something must be
determined: the day and time it will happen! Please send feedback to Major
Mo "Falcon" Kongo, XO of Chin'Tal Wing at and please be
clear. Thank you.
--Maj. Mo "Falcon" Kongo (Chin'Tal XO)

-+-IBG Story Board Page-+-

      It occurred to me when I asked for people interested in helping the ITOD. Most people wanted to help write the story line for the missions. Lt. Colonel Deltan Saviri (remember him?) came to me with a great idea. A story page for those interested in writing stories for the IBG. If this goes well we can use this as a story based ITOD for everyone interested. Maybe medals can be added for great stories. For those interested check out See what you think. If you have any ideas contact myself and I will forward them to Deltan. BTW Deltan wants to come back to the IBG as an advisor only. He did his time and wants to help. Unfortunately due to vision problems I and the RS Doctors have grounded Deltan from flying. He has agreed to continue with administrative duties for us. One being this story page. Everyone welcome him back.

-+-Outer Rim-+-

Not too bad this last week. We had a total of 57 matches. We only had 24 the week before. 13 pilots flew this week. One cadet joined them. Not bad, but that's a low percentage of pilots from the IBG. I don't understand why many people will not fly. Afraid to lose? I don't know. I flew and got slaughtered this week. So what. You'll never get better by not trying. I learned a few moves flying these other pilots. OR is 9 hours long. Everyone should have a chance to come in a fly at least one match. Its pretty fun. I don't think anyone really waited for an XWA match. Lots of Imps to fight. I don't care if you lose, win or tie. Just fly a match or two or three or in Beany's case 9 matches.
      OR night is fun come and enjoy it.

XWA Results Week 12

01 XWA: EH_Raven(#465)-(23pts) vs RS_Tango(#532)-(9pts), EH Wins! C
02 XWA: EH_Raven(#465)-(14pts) vs RS_Tango(#532)-(3pts), EH Wins! C
03 XWA: EH_Werdna(#529)-(21pts) vs RS_Face(#511)-(6pts), EH Wins! C
04 XWA: EH_Mareek(#486)-(24pts) vs RS_Wesley(#490)-(16pts), EH Wins! C
05 XWA: SV_Protector(#561)-(21pts) vs RS_Gambit(#166)-(14pts), SV Wins! C
06 XWA: RS_Gambit(#166)-(1pts) vs EH_Adren(#545)-(11pts), EH Wins! C
07 XWA: EH_MAJDanMal(#541)-(12pts) vs RS_Ryan(#156)-(11pts), EH Wins! C
08 XWA: EH_Raven(#465)-(19pts) vs RS_Gambit(#166)-(7pts), EH Wins! C
09 XWA: RS_Orny(#566)-(4pts) vs EH_Adren(#545)-(19pts), EH Wins! C
10 XWA: EH_DanMal(#541)-(8pts) vs RS_Coop(#583)-(7pts), EH Wins! C
11 XWA: RS_MoKongo(#18)-(4pts) vs EH_Mareek(#486)-(13pts), EH Wins! C
12 XWA: EH_Adren(#545)-(19pts) vs RS_Coop(#583)-(14pts), EH Wins! C
13 XWA: EH_KDOG(#501)-(5pts) vs RS_LtColCoop(#583)-(18pts), RS Wins! C
14 XWA: RS_Rave(#279)-(13pts) vs EH_Boliv(#521)-(17pts), EH Wins! C
15 XWA: EH_Raven(#465)-(34pts) vs RS_Coopra(#583)-(11pts), EH Wins! C
16 XWA: EH_Raven(#465)-(10pts) vs RS_Rave(#279)-(7pts), EH Wins! C
17 XWA: EH_Raven(#465)-(14pts) vs RS_Rave(#279)-(6pts), EH Wins! C
18 XWA: EH_DrasHempor(#567)-(7pts) vs RS_Rave(#279)-(4pts), EH Wins! C
19 XWA: EH_Raven(#465)-(15pts) vs RS_Face(#511)-(0pts), EH Wins! C
20 XWA: RS_`Face(#511)-(1pts) vs EH_Mobiles(#522)-(1pts), Tie! C
21 XWA: VE_Tylen(#15)-(10pts) vs RS_Face(#511)-(9pts), VE Wins! C
22 XWA: VE_Tylen(#15)-(11pts) vs RS_MoKongo(#18)-(4pts), VE Wins! C
23 XWA: VE_Tylen(#15)-(17pts) vs RS_Tango(#532)-(15pts), VE Wins! C
24 XWA: RS_MoKongo(#18)-(4pts) vs NR_knight(#375)-(18pts), NR Wins! C

XWA Results: Week 13

01 XWA: EH_Boliv(#521)-(18pts) vs RS_Gagra(#498)-(13pts), EH Wins! C
02 XWA: RS_Rahj(#133)-(8pts) vs EH_Boliv(#521)-(4pts), RS Wins! C
03 XWA: EH_Boliv(#521)-(7pts) vs RS_Rahj(#133)-(4pts), EH Wins! C
04 XWA: EH_Verr(#579)-(30pts) vs RS_RyanD(#156)-(21pts), EH Wins! C
05 XWA: RS_Bean(#457)-(6pts) vs EH_Boliv(#521)-(14pts), EH Wins! C
06 XWA: VE_Tylen(#15)-(12pts) vs RS_Gagra(#498)-(10pts), VE Wins! C
07 XWA: VE_Tylen(#15)-(19pts) vs RS_Jon(#393)-(11pts), VE Wins! C
08 XWA: RS_Beany(#457)-(8pts) vs EH_KDOG(#501)-(5pts), RS Wins! C
09 XWA: RS_Kaz(#134)-(8pts) vs EH_Rahj(#581)-(7pts), RS Wins! C
10 XWA: RS_Ryan(#156)-(19pts) vs EH_Calvin(#505)-(21pts), EH Wins! C
11 XWA: RS_Kaz(#134)-(6pts) vs EH_Rahj(#581)-(5pts), RS Wins! C
12 XWA: RS_Jon(#393)-(1pts) vs EH_KDOG(#501)-(1pts), Tie! C
13 XWA: EH_Boliv(#521)-(11pts) vs RS_Hotshot(#78)-(5pts), EH Wins! C
14 XWA: RS_Beany(#457)-(18pts) vs SV_Diablo(#378)-(15pts), RS Wins! C
15 XWA: RS_Mo(#18)-(2pts) vs EH_Boliv(#521)-(7pts), EH Wins! C
16 XWA: RS_Beany(#457)-(17pts) vs VE_Tylen(#15)-(37pts), VE Wins! C
17 XWA: RS_Sair(#404)-(8pts) vs EH_KDOG(#501)-(12pts), EH Wins! C
18 XWA: RS_Beany(#457)-(2pts) vs EH_Boliv(#521)-(3pts), EH Wins! C
19 XWA: RS_Coopra(#583)-(9pts) vs EH_Boliv(#521)-(5pts), RS Wins! C
20 XWA: RS_MoKongo(#18)-(5pts) vs SV_Diablo(#378)-(11pts), SV Wins! C
21 XWA: EH_Verr(#579)-(15pts) vs RS_Sair(#404)-(16pts), RS Wins! C
22 XWA: RS_MoKongo(#18)-(4pts) vs SV_Diablo(#378)-(1pts), RS Wins! C
23 XWA: EH_Boliv(#521)-(2pts) vs RS_Sair(#404)-(9pts), RS Wins! C
24 XWA: RS_Beany(#457)-(8pts) vs SV_Aval(#534)-(13pts), SV Wins! C
25 XWA: EH_Verr(#579)-(29pts) vs RS_Coop(#583)-(8pts), EH Wins! C
26 XWA: EH_Jon(#543)-(18pts) vs RS_Coop(#583)-(15pts), EH Wins! C
27 XWA: EH_Verr(#579)-(32pts) vs RS_Bean(#457)-(10pts), EH Wins! C
28 XWA: SV_Diablo(#378)-(41pts) vs RS_Slate(#283)-(5pts), SV Wins! C
29 XWA: RS_Beany(#457)-(11pts) vs EH_Kadath(#595)-(13pts), EH Wins! C
30 XWA: RS_Xortius(#481)-(12pts) vs EH_Mareek(#486)-(27pts), EH Wins! C
31 XWA: RS_Beany(#457)-(8pts) vs EH_Mobiles(#522)-(2pts), RS Wins! C
32 XWA: RS_Xortius(#481)-(7pts) vs SV_Cruiser(#497)-(4pts), RS Wins! C
33 XWA: EH_Boliv(#521)-(16pts) vs RS_Slate(#283)-(11pts), EH Wins! C
34 XWA: RS_Kaz(#134)-(7pts) vs EH_Rahj(#581)-(6pts), RS Wins! C
35 XWA: RS_Xortius(#481)-(4pts) vs EH_Scoser(#530)-(7pts), EH Wins! C
36 XWA: EH_Boliv(#521)-(14pts) vs RS_Jerron(#458)-(10pts), EH Wins! C
37 XWA: RS_Xortius(#481)-(10pts) vs EH_Jonathan(#543)-(12pts), EH Wins! C
38 XWA: RS_HotShot(#78)-(26pts) vs VE_Tylen(#15)-(24pts), RS Wins! W
39 XWA: RS_Jerron(#458)-(8pts) vs EH_Kadath(#595)-(4pts), RS Wins! W
40 XWA: EH_Boliv(#521)-(17pts) vs RS_Xortius(#481)-(14pts), EH Wins!
41 XWA: EH_Scoser(#530)-(14pts) vs RS_Jerron(#458)-(5pts), EH Wins!
42 XWA: SV_Ramos(#285)-(2pts) vs RS_SSD(#600)-(1pts), SV Wins! C
43 XWA: RS_Xortius(#481)-(7pts) vs SV_Diablo(#378)-(7pts), Tie! C
44 XWA: RS_SSD(#600)-(0pts) vs EH_Kadath(#595)-(3pts), EH Wins! C
45 XWA: RS_Slate(#283)-(1pts) vs EH_Kyle(#597)-(3pts), EH Wins! C
46 XWA: SV_Diablo(#378)-(3pts) vs RS_Rahj(#133)-(12pts), RS Wins! C
47 XWA: EH_Scoser(#530)-(29pts) vs RS_SSD(#600)-(8pts), EH Wins! C
48 XWA: RS_Xortius(#481)-(12pts) vs SV_Diablo(#378)-(9pts), RS Wins! C
49 XWA: EH_Jonathon(#543)-(4pts) vs RS_Sair(#404)-(13pts), RS Wins! C
50 2XWA: EH_DJKDev(#605)-(4pts) vs RS_Rahj(#133)-(8pts), RS Wins! C
51 XWA: SV_Diablo(#378)-(8pts) vs RS_MoKongo(#18)-(5pts), SV Wins! C
52 XWA: RS_Zekk(#372)-(0pts) vs EH_Scoser(#530)-(1pts), EH Wins! C
53 XWA: EH_DJKDev(#605)-(3pts) vs RS_Rahj(#133)-(9pts), RS Wins! C
54 XWA: EH_Kadath(#595)-(4pts) vs RS_Sair(#404)-(15pts), RS Wins! C
55 XWA: SV_Diablo(#378)-(9pts) vs RS_MoKongo(#18)-(4pts), SV Wins! C
56 XWA: EH_Scoser(#530)-(4pts) vs RS_Hawkeye(#383)-(4pts), Tie! C
57 XWA: VE_Tylen(#15)-(35pts) vs RS_Slate(#283)-(14pts), VE Wins! C
-+-Promotions and Medals-+-


1st Lt Taosko Silev, for your work in NightWolf , I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain. You were nominated by the IBG XO.

2nd Lt. Jerron Koss of Stinger, for your work in The IBG ITOD, I hereby promote you to the rank of 1st Lt. You were nominated by the IBG XO.

The following people were promoted ealier this month::
Major Kal Tomorr
Major General Remarda Jundun
1st Lt. Gagra Yearwood
Lt. Colonel Xexre Grelander
Major Ace Strife
Major Mo Kongo
1st Lt. Keyan Farlander
Captain Daron Lochek

Congratulations all


Jon Anchorage for getting the report to me in a timely fashion and work as Acting Phalcun CO, I hereby award you the IBG Conduct Medal `~Ý~` .

The following pilots have earned the IBG Combat Patch -(§)-

From OR Week 12
Lt. Colonel Orian LaCarde
Lt. Commander Ryan Deean
2nd Lt. Ryan "Tango" Xeleron

From OR Week 13
General Rahj Tharen
Lt. General Slate Mallar
Major Xortius Narfasu
1st Lt. Tobain "Beany" Kentaas
Lt. Colonel Amplan Dayne

Lt. Colonel Amplan Dayne is awarded the IBG Greoop Crescent `~-¤-~` for most wins in OR week 12

General Rahj Tharen is awarded the IBG Greoop Crescent `~-¤-~` for most wins in OR week 13

Major Garrik Loran at his time IS STILL the holder of the IBG Kalidor Crescent -={|§|}=- with the highest merit points this season. Try to keep. Other pilots, try to take it from him.

Commander Rave Craise for your numerous matches (and losses) in battle week 12, I hereby award you the IBG Purple Dagger {~»†«~} . Thank you for your effort and enjoy your bacta bath.

Lt. General Slate Mallar for your numerous matches (and losses) in battle week 13, I hereby award you the IBG Purple Dagger {~»†«~} . Thank you for your effort and enjoy your bacta bath.

Major Mo Kongo for your numerous matches (and losses) in battle week 13, I hereby award you the IBG Purple Dagger {~»†«~} . Thank you for your effort and enjoy your bacta bath.

1st Lt. Tobian Kentaas for your numerous matches (and losses) in battle week 13, I hereby award you the IBG Purple Dagger {~»†«~} . Thank you for your effort and enjoy your bacta bath.

-+-Announcements, Move to InnerNet-+-

The RS will be switching from undernet to innernet this weekend. Innernet is easy to use and no lag. We have been using it for OR the past few weeks. The rooms will stay the same names. there are just a few things you all need to do to get started.
      Here are the servers for innernet you have to add these into your list. Its easy to do:
      Now that you did that you need to register your nicks. When you join #IBG, get the main nick you want to use and type /msg nickserv register (password). In place of password you actually pick a password, leave out the ( ). Use something you will remember. You should do this for every nick you intend to use. That's what I did.
      Every time you actually join innernet, you can type /msg nickserv identify (password). This will add you to the nickserv and chanserv lists. So if you get ops it will be automatic. Plus no one can get ops without that nick registered and identify. Sounds weird but easy to get use to.
      The main op levels are as Follows:
      IBG XO, IBG SO and all command staff get level 10 (Auto Op plus Akick access). All squad command staff will be 5 (Auto Op). All person in good standing will be 0. This means you can be opped whenever. When someone is in bad standings in the IBG. They will get a <0 access level. Which means no one can op them. Only the founder can.
      Its a bit confusing now, but I figured it out easy, which means everyone here should get it.

I also want to add that no transfers will be granted until we get more cadets in the IBG. Special cases will be considered by me alone.

That will be all. Pilot's, you are now dismissed.

Major General Slate Mallar, Force Attuned

Rebel Squadrons (FC Dave Trebonious-Astoris)

Intrepid Battle Group (IBG) - (Commanding Officer)
Chiin`Tal Wing (General Jinx Katarn Commanding)
       Draco Squadron (General Jinx Katarn Commanding)
       Victory Flight Group
       Draco- 2

Rebel Squadrons Commando Division (RSCD) - MC-80 Justifier (General Kaz Falcion Commanding)
Fleet 2nd Officer
Katarn Company (General Janet Skyy Commanding)
       Katarn 3
Knight Company (Brigadier General Richard Gross)
      Dragons Squad (Lt. Commander "Hawkeye" Luedke Commanding)
       1st Fire Team
       Dragon 4

Dragon Force Commanding Officer
RSCD Commanding Officer_Retired
2nd Platoon Commanding Officer_Retired
Dragon Squadron CO-Retired
2nd Platoon CO_Retired
Alpha Company CO_Retired
Draco Squadron CO_Retired

Rebel Squadrons; a H.I.E.R* organization

-=*}†{*=- - RSCD Distinguished Service Cross
-=*=- - RSCD Achievement Medal
"'{|||}'"- Joint Services Commendation
-=*|*=- -RSCD unit citation
*{0}* -RSCD Legion of Merit (2)
[§«o»§] - XvT Academy Medal of Honors.

(IBG-Ground Crew)

"Never tell me the odds"

(* Honor, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)


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