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ORW Results NL: Week 14

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Feb 08, 2001
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Greetings fellow members of the RS. ":)

The Final Battle of the Elornia System ended in a big win for the Emperor's Hammer, and it gave them plenty of points to take 1st place in the final system standings. Imperial forces now control the planets of the Elornia System. As unfortunate as this is, just remember that there are still 7 systems left to fight over, and the Rebel Squadrons is already in possession of the Titania and Dia Pas Systems. the upcoming battle for the Vectain System (, our forces must be as vigilant as ever if we plan on stopping the Empire there. This means that the pilots and commandos of our multiplayer Fleets need to train harder to better prepare themselves for the upcoming showdown. Developments for some sort of higher level of training have already begun in your Fleet. Please take advantage of them, or practice on your own time!

In ORW news, two new SW gaming clubs will be joining the fray, and possibly a third by this upcoming ORW night on Saturday. The New Republic 5th Fleet ( and the Imperial Order ( have both petitioned to join, and have been accepted. This is very exciting, because it means yet even more pilots and soldiers will be there for us to fight against. Also, the Antagonist Wing ( is still in the process of going through the admission procedures, but will possibly be there on Saturday as well. You all can thank me for finding more targets for your lasers by beating these new people!

Results for Week 14:

Emperor's Hammer victory! <---(I don't like seeing that. Do you guys like seeing that?)

EH Wins OR! ~ Scores: [RS: 42 ,SV: 6 ,EH: 86 ,VE: 3 ,NR: 0 ] Matches: [RS: 112 ,SV: 28 ,EH: 135 ,VE: 11 ,NR: 0 ,Total: 143 ]

A full list of all the individual match results can be found at:

The Battle for the Elornia System Standings

(After 3 of 3 battles)

(480 total matches)

The Emperor's Hammer has won the Elornia System.

RS: 193 points
EH: 231 points
Coalition: 62 points

(SV: 37 points
VE: 21 points
NR: 4 points)

For more information on how the standings work, please visit .

Next Battle:

All members of the RS's Renegade Fleet, Intrepid Battle Group, and RS
Commando Division (or anyone in the RS that has XvT, XWA, or JK) are needed to battle the Empire every Saturday in channel #OuterRim on the InnerNET from 2 PM EST to 11 PM EST. You don't have to be there all nine hours (but Trace does :P), just show up, play a few matches, and have fun!


For the latest rules, club point standings, storylines, maps, ladder
standings, latest results, information, and happenings in the ORW, checkout these websites...

The Outer Rim War Headquarters

Outer Rim War Signup and Login

Outer Rim Ladder

RS Ladder:

The new ladder at has been completed and now gives an accurate picture of the combatants. After 13 weeks of play, the top 5 RS standings are:

1) Boid "Gambit" Reaves (91-3-3, 1182 points, 97 games played)
2) Rahj Tharen (69-3-0, 1135 points, 72 games played)
3) Kaz Falcion (58-0-2, 1118 points, 60 games played)
4) Talon "Tally" Drear (15-1-0, 1029 points, 16 games played)
5) Kelric (15-2-0, 1028, 17 games played)


It's my honor to award the following pilots and commandos for being outstanding participants in the Outer Rim War with the following decorations:

For fighting at least 4 matches at the ORW this week, the following pilots
and commandos are hereby awarded the Valiance Combat Citation ^|VCC|^ for their excellent participation. May the Force be with those souls that didn't make it back:

1LT Ryan "Tango" Xeleron (4 matches, 2-1-1)
1LT Tobian "Beany" Kentaas (4 matches, 0-4)...KIA
1LT Bon Fel (6 matches, 0-6)...KIA
1LT Gagra Yearwood (6 matches, 3-3)
MAJ Xortius Narfasu (7 matches, 0-7)...KIA
LCM Hawkeye (4 matches, 1-3)
LCM Wes Belden (5 matches, 1-4)
LCM Gavin Kravis (8 matches, 4-4)
LCM Anthon Conner (10 matches, 0-10)...KIA
LCM Sair (10 matches, 3-7)
LCL Kyle Tobarn (4 matches, 1-3)
BGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves (9 matches, 9-0)...Wow!
GEN Rahj Tharen (4 matches, 4-0)...Wow!

For acquiring at least 3 wins at the ORW, the following pilots and commandos are hereby awarded the Combat Medal |*|:

1LT Gagra Yearwood (3 wins)
LCM Sair (3 wins)
LCM Gavin Kravis (4 wins)
CMDR Zsinj (3 wins, 3-0)
GEN Rahj Tharen (4 wins)

For acquiring more than 6 wins in this week's ORW, the following pilots and
commandos are hereby awarded the Alliance Dagger *?* :

BGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves (9 wins)

Congratulations to all of you! Wear your accomplishments with pride!

ORW RSer of the Week:

For going an impressive 9-0 at last week's battle, this week's RSer of the Week is once again BGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves. A pattern has started where the same people continually show themselves worthy of this honor, so I wouldn't mind seeing some new people here. Keep practicing and winning those matches, people!


The Outer Rim War will only be as good as we make it, so show up and have some fun! Come next week, because there will always be plenty of Imperials to fight against! Also, please be civil and respectful, no matter what the circumstances. This club has principles, and we need to be an example to all the other clubs in the competition. Remember, HIER: Honor, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect!

May the Force be with you and may the pride and honor of the Rebel Squadrons carry on in all of you!

Practice, practice, practice!

General Rahj Tharen,
Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer


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