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HC Weekly NewsFlash 2-10-01

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
RSNL Article, Feb 10, 2001
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Greetings fellow members of the RS. ":)

Welcome to the High Command Weekly NewsFlash for the second week of February.  This week, HC deliberated once again on the topic of the Rebel Squadron's IRC presence and the following steps have been taken:

Given sporadic problems on the InnerNET, High Command has decided to make this a trial period of the server rather than a full-fledged move.  As such, the RS will be maintaining an official presence on the Undernet as well as on the InnerNET.  The RS' B&G Policy rules and CoC will be applied to both.   Members are free to use whichever server is easiest for them.  When the Undernet gets its new channel services online, a thorough review will be conducted of the values of the Undernet as compared to the Innernet, and then a final High Command vote will be taken.  This vote, to happen some time in the future, will be the final decision in which server the RS will stay on officially.

Next, after a long period of debate, a majority vote of High Command has decided that the B&G Policy rules will remain intact as is, and the B&G will remain the same.  It is believed that the system we have in place can continue to work, but...only if used properly.  The following link ( will direct you to the RS Bar & Grill Policies webpage.  The long and short of it is that any member may complain about a conversation or subject or even topic that is offensive to them.  It is the duty of the Ops/B&G Manager/Internet Officer to take action if such a complaint is received.  If these people do not receive a complaint, they will not know to tone down something that may be offensive to you, so the IO encourages you to speak up.

In other news, with the close of this week, the members of HC have begun a new discussion on the pros and cons of our current Chain of Command system.   Since this debate is still in it's infancy, as more things develop, be sure to check the next NF for more information.

That's all for this week.  Stay tuned for next week's HC NF, same HC time, same HC place.

General Rahj Tharen,
Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer


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