Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL 2/14/2001

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Feb 15, 2001
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RgF NL 2/14/2001

It's that time again.. try not to sleep through this one, there may be a pop quiz!


I believe that OR is still being held on Innernet. To get there open mIRC and type /server and then /join #outerrim Make sure to get an OR Pin and Pass:


The campaign is underway! Wings get your campaign staff set up. And read the rules at

--Merit System
The Merit idea is somewhat back burnered right now due to the resources being used for the campaign, ITOD, and OR.

The ITOD is in progress. The mission file is at and the current standings are availible on the roster database: once you are logged in select 'itods' from the features menu, and select RgF from the list of fleets.


It's been a while since the last round was done.

Major Lamin Fresca is hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander for his active response to Command Staff mailings, as well as his enthusiasm for command and respect for the CoC.

Lieutenant Colonel Amplan Dayne is hereby promoted to the rank of Colonel for his active participation in Command Staff discussions, as well as his enthusiasm for command.

Lieutenant Commander Wes Belden is hereby promoted to Commander for his work with Tacops and with Jedi Squadron.

Captain Javin "Entropy" Keyle is hereby promoted to the rank of Major for his participation in the RgF ITOD as well as the DOW ITOD.

Lieutenant Commander Sair is hereby promoted to Commander for his activty at OR.

Captain Kem "Zilch" Chrosid is hereby promoted to Major for his work as Rza CO, constantly reporting and upping his scores in the ITODs, and for OR participaiton.

Lieutenant Commander Gavin Cantorph Kravis is hereby promoted to Commander for his pull no punches style of leadership as RgF SO, as well as his activity at OR.

Lieutenant Commander Sair is hereby promoted to Commander for his participation and one of the best win/loss percentatges in the fleet at OR

----Unit Reports

I heard from most of you, that's good. The following I have not gotten unit reports from. ([] is results of an awol check)

Dragon (9) [Shil OK] none
Wyvern (9) [Cole OK] none
Twilight (8) [Trate OK] Kinda got one

I need a unit report from each of these units by friday. Else I'll knock some skulls together.

--RgF Site
RgFIO Bluejay has finished work on a new site layout, check it out!

Please relay any comments or suggestions to him.

--Consistent NLs Fleet Wing and Squad Level

I've seen some squads/wings that do this, Others that don't. I don't want to start keeping track of the ones that go out but I will... Make sure I, Raandu, and Executer are CC'd on all unit Newsletters.

Each Unit Newsletter needs the following

ITOD Reminder
OR Reminder
Updates to Unit News
Squad level - any roster changes
Wing level - Command Staff Changes

Executer and Myself will being evaluating instructors for RgF Pilot Training. (It makes no sense to have people who need work themselves training others.) We need instructors to volunteer to help out. Contact myself and Executer to apply. Below are who I have listed so far.

Ral Shiel

--Web Pages
Squad and wing level web pages need updated. Badly. I want this done ASAP, current rosters (or the dynamic roster include) are a must. Contact me for info on the dynamic roster include. I'll have bluejay checking the sites and making sure they're well off. Anyone needing domain access contact me.

--Fleet Patch
We need a fleet patch for the RS Uniforms Project. It must be 130pixels wide x 60pixels high, and in Gif/JPG Format. If you can use photoshop tben I've been told that's the best way to go.

I'd like to see several entries, the creator of the entry that the RgF command staff selects will be awarded a medal for their work. Other entries will be posted on the RgF page so they can be used by units for their pages. Get those to myself, raandu, and executer. So far I've only heard from one person, so lets get moving :)


That's it for now, Get to OR, Kill some impies, and for heaven's sake.. if you are getting your ass handed to you there's no shame in retreating. Live to get better and fight another day I say. :)


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