Rebel Squadrons

ORW NL 2/17/2001

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Narrative, Feb 20, 2001
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Above the gigantic terrestrial world, Mercurius, the Ad Astra, flagship of
the Rebel Squadrons' Renegade Fleet, waits to reclaim the last of its
starfighter squadrons. Making sure everyone makes it back safely, a lone
X-Wing piloted by the Fleet's commanding officer makes the journey home last
to herd in the craft of some newer pilots. Not until everyone successfully
made it into the hanger bay, does Lieutenant General Shikkie Karaan initiate
his own landing procedures. Once inside the magnetic hold of the hanger bay,
Shik gently lands it, as if he'd been doing it for years. Releasing the
cockpit canopy, he begins to unstrap himself and remove his flight helmet.
The technician in charge of his Incom T-65a X-Wing is the first to greet him.

"Nice flying, Sir! 10 confirmed kills and not a scrach on her," the
technician bellowed as he ran up to the parked X-Wing.

LGN Karaan responded by smiling. Giving him a nod as he climbed down the
ladder he glanced at his X-Wing. "We're a good team. Have the last of the
Imperial ships fled yet?"

"They've been busy running scared, Sir. The frigate that was covering their
retreat hypered out of here a while ago. We even think they left behind and
abandoned some stromtrooper units on the planet, but RSCD commandos are
already checking things out. I feel bad for those stormies...there's a rumor
already going around that General Tharen single-handedly took out an entire
Platoon of them earlier in the battle...and speaking of Tharen, announcements
have already been released by him and the Fleet Commander about this shindig."

"Let's go find ourselves a datapad then..."



>From the Office of the Fleet Commander:

Immediately after the Second Battle of the Vectain System-

Hello, Members of the Rebel Squadrons.

And hail to you, participants in the Outer Rim War. I am leaving this
message to you to express my pride at the pinnacle our club has reached in
this competition. When it first started, I told some of the other club's FCs
that we would make 200 matches. I'm proud to say that we have hit that
number and surpassed it this week. 211 matches is simply incredible. And
the RS has also pulled off a significant win this week. I just wanted you
all to know how proud I am for our club, and how well you have done. May you
continue to fight as well as you did this week, for the continued glory of
the Rebel Squadrons.


Fleet Commander Dave Trebonious-Astoris

Results for Week 16:

Rebel Squadrons victory!

RS Wins OR! ~ Scores: [RS: 94 ,SV: 11 ,EH: 70 ,VE: 4 ,NR: 0 ,5F: 3 ,IO: 11
,AW: 13 ] Matches: [RS: 119 ,SV: 40 ,EH: 113 ,VE: 19 ,NR: 0 ,5F: 49 ,IO: 32
,AW: 50 ,Total: 211 ]

A full list of all the individual match results can be found at:

[ ]

Current Standings:

The Battle for the Vectain System, Weeks 15 to 17

After Week 16 (377 total matches):

Rebel Squadrons: 162
Emperor's Hammer: 146
Antagonist Wing: 25
Cadrel Coalition (SV, VE, NR): 21
Imperial Order: 18
NR 5th Fleet: 7

For more information on how the standings work, please visit .

Next Battle:

All members of the RS's Renegade Fleet, Intrepid Battle Group, and RS
Commando Division (or anyone in the RS that has XvT, XWA, or JK) are needed
to battle the Empire every Saturday in channel #OuterRim on the InnerNET from
2 PM EST to 11 PM EST. You don't have to be there all nine hours (but Trace
does :P), just show up, play a few matches, and have fun!


For the latest rules, club point standings, storylines, maps, ladder
standings, latest results, information, and happenings in the ORW, checkout
these websites...

The Outer Rim War Headquarters

Outer Rim War Signup and Login

Outer Rim Ladder

Frontline News!

RS Ladder:

The new ladder at has been
completed and now gives an accurate picture of the combatants. After 16 weeks
of play, the top 5 RS standings are:

1) Boid "Gambit" Reaves (118-3-4, 1237 points, 125 games played)
2) Rahj "Trigger" Tharen (103-3-0, 1151 points, 106 games played)
3) Kaz "Talon" Falcion (70-0-2, 1130 points, 72 games played)
4) Patrick "Blaster" Blastfire (22-10-1, 1035 points, 33 games played)
4) Wes "Gizmo" Belden (27-20-1, 1035 points, 48 games played)
5) Sair (27-24-0, 1030 points, 51 games played)


It's my honor to award the following pilots and commandos for being
outstanding participants in the Outer Rim War with the following decorations:

For fighting at least 4 matches at the ORW this week, the following pilots
and commandos are hereby awarded the Valiance Combat Citation ^|VCC|^ for
their excellent participation. Notice how many "Wow!" comments there are
this time :) :

1LT Bon Fel (4 matches, 2-2)
1LT Raven Arestar (4 matches, 4-0)...Wow!
CPT Maynard Stardust (10 matches, 5-5)
MAJ Xortius Narfasu (5 matches, 2-2-1)
LCM Trate Daxon (4 matches, 3-1)...Wow!
LCM Wes "Gizmo" Belden (5 matches, 2-3)
COL Kyle Tobarn (8 matches, 6-2)...Wow!
BGN Patrick "Blaster" Blastfire (4 matches, 3-1)...Wow!
BGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves (9 matches, 9-0)...Wow!
LGN Shikkie "Shik" Karaan (10 matches, 10-0)...Wow!
GEN Rahj Tharen (26 matches, 26-0)...It's a new track record!
RA Kaz Falcion (6 matches, 6-0)...Wow!

For acquiring at least 3 wins at the ORW, the following pilots and commandos
are hereby awarded the Combat Medal |*| for their contribution in combat:

1LT Ryan "Tango" Xeleron (3 wins)
1LT Raven Arestar (4 wins)
CPT Maynard Stardust (5 wins)
LCM Trate Daxon (3 wins)
BGN Patrick "Blaster" Blastfire (3 wins)

For acquiring more than 6 wins in this week's ORW, the following pilots and
commandos are hereby awarded the Alliance Dagger *?* for significantly
damaging the enemy:

LCL Kyle Tobarn (6 wins)
BGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves (9 wins)
LGN Shikkie "Shik" Karaan (10 wins)
GEN Rahj Tharen (26 wins)
RA Kaz Falcion (6 wins)

Congratulations to all of you! Wear your accomplishments with pride!

ORW RSer of the Week:

Although some great soldier single-handedly outscored five clubs on his
own...nevermind. For going an impressive 10-0 in his first ORW, and for
keeping the EH pilots in their place for once, this week's ORW RSer of the
Week is none other than LGN Shikkie Karaan. Congrats, and keep up the good




General Rahj Tharen,
Acting RS Fleet Commander


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