Rebel Squadrons

Guardian Wing Newsletter 03-01-01

By RA Lamin Zykara
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Wing NL, Mar 01, 2001
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1.) Opening
2.) Announcements
3.) Wing IOTOD
4.) Fleet ITOD
5.) Outer Rim
6.) Wing Melee Night
7.) Fleet Campaign
8.) Promotions and Awards
9.) Merit Point System
10.) Closing

1.) Opening
       Welcome one and all to the first Guardian Wing Newsletter for the month of March. A lot of things have happened since my last mailing, so I suggest everyone pay attention.

2.) Announcements
       Only two this week, but one's a big one. This is the official announcement. You all saw the order I put out regarding Wyvern Squadron, and it was approved by Renegade Fleet CO after I discussed it with him. So therefore, it's now official. Wyvern Squadron is decommissioned, and all the original duty assignments made stand. So Squadron Commanders, greet your new pilots and introduce them to the way of your squadron. And one final salute to Wyvern Squadron.


       Other than that, I also recieved notice that our Wing XO, Commander Landfarer, is returning from LOA. Therefore, we want to welcome it back and be very happy, because it takes a load of work of me. :)

3.) Wing IOTOD
       Well, the first mission of the Wing IOTOD is over with. And I only had 5 people fly it. Sometimes I wonder if there is a conspiracy to make me unhappy. Anyway, here are the score rankings for the mission, and awards will be issued later. Oh and by the way, if you have a hankering to actually write a narrative with your mission report, we'll give you some extra merit points depending on how good it was. Remember, flying the IOTOD is a good way to earn points for awards.

COM Trate Daxson 25550 (Twilight)
MGN Matt Williams 15400 (Wyvern)
LCM Anthon Connor 13000 (Twilight)
MAJ Marcos Black 13000 (Dragon)
LCM Taan Ronar 13000 (Twilight)

4.) Fleet ITOD
       The second Fleet ITOD mission finished up its run as well. I hope a lot of you flew it. I'm sure LGN Kaaran will send out a mailing regarding rankings and such, so I'm just making sure everyone knows that it's over.

5.) Outer Rim      
       Outer Rim. Not much to say. Go here, fly, kill EH guys, have fun, watch Petr Margul get drunk. Repeat. If you feel you can't hack it at OR, fly anyway and give it a good shot. You can also see Commander Daxson for piloting practice. Or come to Wing Melee Nights. In any case, Outer Rim is from 2-11 PM RST on Saturdays in the room #OuterRim on the Undernet. And for anyone who wonders what RST is, it's Rebel Squadrons Time. Same as EST, and you can find a clock on the Rebel Squadrons Start Page.

Rebel Squadrons Start Page

6.) Wing Melee Nights
       These are from 3-5 PM RST in #GuardianWing on the Undernet, every Sunday. Commander Daxson is running them right now and they are a great way to represent your squad, as well as to get some good practice and also have a good time. And flying here gets you merit points to add towards an award. So go, fly, have a good time, and once again watch Petr Margul get drunk.

7.) Fleet Campaign
       The fleet campaign will be restarting soon. As you can see we have been talking amongst the Command Staff and trying to hammer out a good, core set of rules for the next Campaign that we hope makes it eaiser. So keep your eyes open for that.

8.) Promotions and Awards
       No promotions this time.
       For having the highest score on the Wing IOTOD, Commander Trate Daxson is awarded IOTOD Champion for Operation Viper 001. Wear it with pride.


       For a strikingly good narrative of his sensor sweep through Outpost Beta, Major Marcos Black is awarded Honorable Mention for his work on the IOTOD. Wear it with pride.


That's all for this week. Keep working and you may have the next medal I award.

9.) Merit Point System
       Just a reminder. The Merit Point System is now in effect, and the first four-week period started Sunday 02-18-01 and ends 03-18-01. So bust your humps and you may become one of the legendary members of the Order of the Guardian.

10.) Closing
       Once again, a lot going on. I hope to see all of you at OR and at Wing Melee Night this Sunday. Until then, may the Force be with you.

Lieutenant Commander Lamin Fresca
Jedi Knight
Renegade Fleet
-Guardian Wing CO
-(Retired)Wyvern Squadron XO
-Twilight 11
Aurora Force
-Redstar Squad
--Photon 2
-Rebel Squadrons Commando Division
JK ROC Master Cadet Medal: ~~*|+|*~~
RSCD Combat Citation: +*+
RSCD Unit Citation: -=*|*=-
-Renegade Fleet Awards
Mission Report Medal: *MRM*
-Aurora Force Awards
Conceli Star- Operation STORM
-=(A*^~^*F)=- Aurora Force Above and Beyond- Operation STORM
-=(A*[]*F)=- The Golden Datapad- Operation STORM
-=(*AF*)=- Aurora Force Merit Medal- Operation STORM

"The way is practice; practice is the way."


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