Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL 3/1/2001

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Mar 01, 2001
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RgF NL 3/1/2001


I apologize for the delay in the appearence of this NL. I was stalling so that I could marry the ORW NL with the RgF NL; However this is obviously not going to happen this week. So, here we go.

---Reminder about the Chain of Command.

Some of you may or may not know of a few instances where lower-position commanding officers forgot that I have to approve of many things before they happen. This will serve as official notice that in the following situations I want to be involved in a hands-on manner. Anyone that doesn't involve me in any of the following situations will be in deep deep bantha poodoo.

Creation/Disbandment of any unit in this fleet.
Choosing the CO of a wing or squad. I have the final say over that.
Removal of a CO from their position.
Any thing else that effects the fleet as a whole.


The XvT Results from OR can be found at:

We went 14/23/0 for a total of 37 matches. Not bad, but it can be better, which leads us to...


I'm having RgF SO Executer draft a setup for the training system so that we don't have any more ORs where we lose more than we win. He'll be needing some flight instructors, so get ahold of him ( to apply. The following have come forward wanting to be a trainer.
Ral Shiel
Ex, when you get the plans made send them to raandu and myself so we can tweak it if needed.

---Craft Tournament

Another thing that existed back in the day that we hope to give rebirth to is the craft tournament. Using a ladder system much like the NCAA march madness the tournament is of a set type of craft, with the end result deciding the top MP Pilot in the RgF for that craft type. As the last tournament was Rebel Craft, this one will be for imperial style craft. (T/F T/I T/B, no T/A as they are problematic with lag) We may incorporate a second ladder for rebel craft if there is intrest.

Raandu will be handling the organization on this. Raandu once you have the draft together on that send Executer and myself a copy so we can tweak if it needed.


At the recent RgF meeting Raandu and several of you discussed how to make the campaign more fun and fair. We are tooling over the logs and straightening out the kinks in them for a future restart of the campaign.

---Wyvern Squadron.

At the request of Guardian CO Lamin Fresca I am ordering the disbandment of Wyvern Squadron and the dispersement of its members into the other two squadrons in the wing. Those members have already been spread out and hopefully we can get two strong squads out of this.


I haven't heard, noticed, or seen any activity along the lines of squad and wing sites being updated. Bluejay, as RgFIO I want you to check each wing and squad site and make sure it's current. If it's not mail the squad CO and cc myself, Raandu, and Executer so that we can take care of them.


The results from RgF_102 are at:
Below are the overall squad results, I don't know how well the spacing will display in your email client. Individual results are at the url above.

Rank Squad             Reports Kills Score
1. Jedi Squadron             8 211 341,013
2. Resurrection Squadron 4 99      163,969
3. Red Dragon Squadron 5 70      108,993
4. Twilight Squadron       3 78      102,962
5. Ragnorok Squadron       3 71      93,611
6. Dragon Squadron       1 12      24,406

I want to commend Ares for his high score, that is outstanding, and the result of alot of time working with the mission.

All the reporting members of Jedi are hereby awarded the RgF Top Squad({|^~*~^|}) medal.
Also Ares is awarded the RgF Top Ace(}~@RgF=TA@~{) medal.

The new ITOD is ready for you to fly, it is availible at

It will be due by midnight EST March 31st 2001.
Note: You must attach a screenshot to be eligible for the top gun award.
Also, please include in the body of the message the number of kills you made, your score, and your squadron number (IE RDS 2) and your name in the roster database (IE Ares is really Sulti Ares-Braynok)

By the way, my email client screws up .bmp images when they are sent to me, wether in a zip or plain. So if at all possible send a .gif or .jpg file.

That's it for now, Get to OR and kill some imps.


2LT Olin Frapps - Fri Aug 26 2011, 9:18pm
Well hopefully I'll be assigned a squad soon and the ITOD flying I'm doing will go to good use. ":)