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[Roster] Adding New Members

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Mar 07, 2001
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Just an reminder: when adding new members to the database, do what the add
new member page says: MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT ALREADY THERE!!! That means
search for them by name and email address using the search feature. Search
once by name (and I mean a poriton of the name. Ex Tobias "Beany" Kentaas -
search for Tobias because someone else may have added the person as Tobias
Kentaas and ignored the "Beany") and then search by email. And clearly if
someone else has added them, they will show up in the search meaning you do
not need to add them yourself.

Three times in the last week I have had to delete profiles because someone
added the person after they were already added by someone else. If this
keeps up I will be forced to redesign the system to require every new member
add request to be authorized by myself prior to its appearence on the
system. That means one of the great benefits of the system, being able to
add a member and directly place them into a squad, will no longer exist. You
will have to wait for me to OK the new member, meaning that if something
happens to me, and I can't be online for a few days, you just have to wait.

Please, it's not that hard to check for something, so do it.

":) LGN-Shikkie Kaaran-{RSHC/RSIO | RgFCO/DOW/RDSCO | RSCD/KnightSO/RavenCO}
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