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RgF NL 3/15/01

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Mar 15, 2001
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RgF NL 3/15/2001


The XvT Results from OR last week can be found at:

We went 26/16/3 for a total of 45 matches. That's more like it, 58% wins with 7% ties and 36% losses)

BGN Raandu is hereby promoted to MGN for his active role as my right-hand man.
CMDR Executer is hereby promoted to LCL for his role as RgF SO.
CMDR Trate is will be promoted to LCL for his role as RgF Academy CO and as Twilight CO Tuesday when he is again eligible. Trate: Make sure to remind me, like you'd forget :)
MAJ Zilch is hereby promoted to LCM for his work as Scorpion and Rza CO.
CPT Raven is hereby promoted to MAJ for his excellent butt whipping at OR.
CPT Jester is hereby promoted to MAJ for his work as Rnk XO.
COL Bluejay is being recommended for promotion to BGN in his primary fleet.
1lt Wes Janson is hereby promoted to CPT at the behest of Trate for his work in the academy.

---Command Staff Changes

PM is taking over as Twilight CO, Trate will become Twilight XO. Essentially they are trading places so that Trate has more time for the academy. I know Twilight will be in good hands.

Don-Qui will be taking over Dragon Squadron for Shil who felt he did not have enough time to devote to Dragon properly.

Congrats to both!


**Expected start is next week**

I'm having RgF SO Executer draft a setup for the training system so that we don't have any more ORs where we lose more than we win. He'll be needing some flight instructors, so get ahold of him ( to apply.

This will be a 'basic' overall training program, designed to get green pilots accustomed to how things work and what basic pitfalls to avoid.

In the RgF Academy, PM is putting together an advanced training system that will be craft by craft based, allowing a member to become a master specialist in whatever craft they wish, with special medals and extra medals if you certify in all Rebel/Imp craft. Members can get a standard certification by completing certain requirements (test, work with a flight instructor) and a Master certification by flying the RS' best in that craft (And not being beaten down like it's Mike Tyson Vs. Raandu for the championship.) I believe PM has the "Master" pilots pretty well lined up, as well as with the "Standard" instructors, however as I think he has some slots open still, feel free to contact him and apply. Also think what craft you want to work on so that you can sign up when the project is fully underway.

---Craft Tournament

Raandu needs all the signup information from the squads so that we can get this off the ground. Keep sending that stuff in.


Those COs that needed to update their squad/wing websites have been given that information, and a few have gotten back to me. If I don't hear anything from the rest of you I'll have to assume you have fallen down on the job.


The new ITOD is ready for you to fly, it is availible at

Also the current standings can always be found at

It will be due by midnight EST March 31st 2001.
Note: You must attach a screenshot to be eligible for the top gun award.
Also, please include in the body of the message the number of kills you made, your score, and your squadron number (IE RDS 2) and your name in the roster database (IE Ares is really Sulti Ares-Braynok)

**By the way, my email client screws up .bmp images when they are sent to me, wether in a zip or plain. So if at all possible send a .gif or .jpg file.**


Trate needs some more instructors, those interested mail him at

I see a good number of cadets in the academy system, hurry up and get your requirements finished so we can put you into the front lines, we could use some fresh mea... erm.. men :)

If there are any problems or questions you can contact your Flight Instructor, Trate, or myself (

--Operation Lanvarok

A seperate ITOD run by Gizmo, our TACOPS head, is underway, contact him for details.

That's it for now, Go make some Impies go boom.


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