Rebel Squadrons

Guardian Wing Newsletter 04-01-01

By RA Lamin Zykara
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Wing NL, Apr 01, 2001
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1.) Opening
2.) Operation Viper
3.) Wing Melee Night
4.) Outer Rim
5.) Renegade Fleet ITOD
6.) Tournament      
7.) Website
8.) Promotions
9.) Awards
10.) Closing

1.) Opening
       Welcome to another action-packed issue of the Guardian Wing
Newsletter. Stay tight, watch your six, and let's get right to it.

2.) Operation Viper
       Operation Viper 002 is attached to this e-mail. Get it, download it,
and play it. It is playable for up to eight players and details Guardian
Wing's assault on the VSD Nightwing. A very difficult mission. You can fly
it as many times as you want. Send your screenshots and optional narratives
to Remember, a report can help get
you points towards the Order of the Guardian.

3.) Wing Melee Night
       Wing Melee Night is Monday, from 7-9 PM RST, in #GuardianWing on the
InnerNET. Commander Daxson and myself should be there, along with General
Margul. I'll personally be a bit late, but I should be there most of the
night. So come in, fly some, and watch Petr Margul kick you ass.

4.) Outer Rim
       Pretty short and simple. Go to OR and fly! Saturdays, from 2-11 PM
RST in #OuterRim on the InnerNET. Once again, watch Petr Margul kick some
serious ass.

5.) Renegade Fleet ITOD
       The Renegade Fleet ITOD was due back yesterday. I hope you all flew
it. It was pretty fun. Um, not really much else to say here.

6.) Tournament
       The Renegade Fleet tournament is underway. I had to face Petr Margul
in the first round and...well, I'm out. :) It was pretty ugly. Be sure to
check the website to see what bracket you're in.

7.) Website
       Work on the website continues. Admiral Darklighter has returned from
hiatus because of his burned-out computer and is now back attacking the HTML
coding with a vengance. Hopefully we will have a working website before the
beginning of June. Then, you'll all have a place to go for all your Guardian
Wing information.

8.) Promotions
       None this time.

9.) Awards
       None again this week.

10.) Closing
       Well, that's all for this week. Take care everyone, and may the Force
be with you.

Lieutenant Commander Lamin Zykara
Jedi Knight
Renegade Fleet
-Guardian Wing CO
-(Retired)Wyvern Squadron XO
-Twilight 11
Aurora Force
-Redstar Squad
--Photon 2
-Rebel Squadrons Commando Division Awards
JK ROC Master Cadet Medal: ~~*|+|*~~
RSCD Combat Citation: +*+
RSCD Unit Citation: -=*|*=-
-Renegade Fleet Awards
Mission Report Medal: *MRM*
-Aurora Force Awards
Conceli Star- Operation STORM
-=(A*^~^*F)=- Aurora Force Above and Beyond- Operation STORM
-=(A*[]*F)=- The Golden Datapad- Operation STORM
-=(*AF*)=- Aurora Force Merit Medal- Operation STORM
-Rebel Squadrons Awards
^|VCC|^ Valiance Combat Citation 03/03/01

"The way is practice; practice is the way."


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