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RgF NL 4/5/2001

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Apr 05, 2001
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RgF NL 4/5/2001

---Command Staff Changes

As of tomorrow, when FC Dave announces it, I will no longer be the RgF CO. Raandu and I will be trading places, as was the plan. He will be the CO, and I will step back down to my former position as XO.

The goal was to get the RgF back onto its feet before trasnfering command to a relatively new Fleet-Level command officer, while giving that officer practice as the fleet XO. The time has come that Raandu, Dave, and I think that the RgF is doing better, far better in fact, than when I took over. OR participation is up, Wins at OR have been WAY up, we have had better activity, the academy is pouring out cadets like nobody's business, and membership is therefore slowly climbing up up up!

I hope I have at least done a good a job as you guys have expected of me, and I would be keeping the job if it were not for the fact that I am also the RSIO and FC Dave thinks (and I somewhat agree) that the two jobs would be too much in the long haul. As it would require my death or dismemberment for me to give up the job as RSIO while still being in the RS there was no other choice but to find someone to prepare for the job.

Raandu, I've been greatly impressed with your performance these last months, and I have no doubt in my mind that you will do an excellent job as RgF CO.

Good luck, and may the force be with you

":) LGN Shikkie Kaaran

----- now for the regular mumbo jumbo :D ------


The XvT Results from OR last week can be found at:

We went 9/15/1 for a total of 25 matches
36% wins with 4% ties and 64% losses - Low activity resulted in poor win/loss percentages


RgF Training nights are underway, every Friday night in #RgF on the undernet from 7pm EST to 11pm EST there will be matches flown for the purpose of increasing the overall average skill level of the RgF. More info can be found at:


The new ITOD is ready for you to fly, it is availible at

Also the current standings can always be found at

It will be due by midnight EST March 31st 2001.
Note: You must attach a screenshot to be eligible for the top gun award.
Also, please include in the body of the message the number of kills you made, your score, and your squadron number (IE RDS 2) and your name in the roster database (IE Ares is really Sulti Ares-Braynok)

**By the way, my email client screws up .bmp images when they are sent to me, wether in a zip or plain. So if at all possible send a .gif or .jpg file.**


Trate needs some more instructors, those interested mail him at

I see a good number of cadets in the academy system, hurry up and get your requirements finished so we can put you into the front lines, we could use some fresh mea... erm.. men :)

If there are any problems or questions you can contact your Flight Instructor, Trate, or myself (

--Operation Lanvarok

A seperate ITOD run by Gizmo, our TACOPS head, is underway, contact him for details.


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