Rebel Squadrons

IBG NL 4/26/2001

By RA Slate Mallar
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Apr 26, 2001
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Greetings Pilot

Ok, let's get down to business:

1st. From the desk of the CO
2nd. Outer Rim

3rd. Promotions and Awards

4th. Announcements

5th. From the desk of the XO

-+-From the Desk of the CO-+-


      I just finished going over the past few weeks of OR results. We are doing good. The days of IBG pilots getting wiped all across the universe are over, we are holding our own in OR. Great job. ITOD is opver tomorrow get your reports in ASAP. I hope I can get this joystick back together and working by then. All and all I am impressed with this fleet. Activity is good, command staff is active. It can be better, it can always be better. I still want to start a melee night CO's let me know if your pilots are willing to do this. We've been trying to do this for some time but not geting much feedback either way. Commander's need to start asking, pilots go ahead and let your CO's know one way or another. This can be fun. Plus more opportunities for promotions and medals.

      Like I said earlier, I have done all the stats and points for the last few OR's. Unfortunatley I left those papers inthe firehouse last week. One of my fellow firefighter's picked them up and put them in his locker for me, then he went on vacation. When I get those back I will update the points and give the medals and promotions that are warranted. This should be soon. I will send it out as a NL addendum.

      Keep up the good work.


General Slate Mallar

-+-Outer Rim-+-

What do you know? We are actually winning for a change! We've been doing so for quite some time now. I would like to thanks Petr Margul, Ryan and Raven for their excellent performance at ORW. There are others the need mentioning, when I get those papers.

-+-Promotions and Medals-+-


Ironically, I had about 7 promos to give, but no one was eligible. just this one.

Colonel Deltan Saviri, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. Great job on the web pages

Lt. Cmdr. Raven Arestar is hereby awarded the IBG Combat Patch. (-(ยง)-)

Commander Cole "Hotshot" Landfarer was promoted to Lt. Colonel, but for the fifth time now, he turned in his rank. He will remain as a Commander, and I, Rave Craise, Will award him the IBG XO's medal of excellence. (-@+◊+@-)

Jerron Koss is hereby awarded the IBG Conduct medal, for his cooperation in the IBG ITOD.

Taosko Silev is hereby awarded the IBG Conduct medal, for his cooperation in the IBG ITOD.

Ryan Deean is hereby awarded the IBG Endor Citation, for his cooperation in the IBG ITOD.

Rave Craise for your exemplary work as IBG XO, giving me all kinds of ideas, letting me take credit for much of your work. All and all great support in this IBG fleet. I hereby award you the IBG Cross Of Excellence. Great job you have earned it.

Bluejay Farscape for your work as IBG SO, getting those reports to me in a timely fashion, I hereby award you the IBG Conduct Medal. Great job.

Ryan Deean and Jinx Katarn you both are running tight wings. for that I award you both the IBG Conduct Medal. Good job.

I know more medals are to be award. As soon as I get those OR files and I will award those deserving of medals. I have not forgotten the rest of the command staff.


Ok, quite a few here.

1- Great work in the academy guys. we had about 7 new pilots this week

2- We still have our ITOD out, it's due on the 26th of April. pretty good mission. I suggest you all get out there and fly it.

3- IBG is looking towards the creation of 2 new squads.

-+-From the desk of the XO-+-

Well, got nothing much to say. oh well.

That will be all pilot's, you are now dismissed.


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